This was posted 5 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Delivered Orders over $20 (Excludes Delivery Fee) @ Hungry Jack's via Deliveroo


Not sure if this extends country wide or is targeted, but I stumbled across a 50% Off Hungry Jacks with over $20 spend on Deliveroo. (Does not include delivery price)

No Coupon needed, but the 50% display offer will show on the store and automatically when adding $20 worth of food to the cart.

Edit: based on comments.
50% off orders of $20 or more from Hungry Jacks between 17.5.2021 and 23.5.2021. This offer may be extended or withdrawn without notice. Discount displayed at check out. Geographical restrictions and delivery fees apply.

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$12 off across your next 4 orders ($3 per order). Your friend will get $12 off across their first 4 orders too. Minimum order $20 + Delivery.

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    Title needs to detail what the offer actually is please :)

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      Modified. Thanks.

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    I have it . Would be good for a workplace to place like $150 order for $81 including delivery .

  • Is this for one day only?

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    I was about to start order 10 X Kids cheeseburger meals but not like Macca's no option of the thick shake .

    • Yeah what is with that. I guess higher margins on coke.

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    Great deal but wont let me add Box and shared meals

    • I can add a box/share meal in my area with the discount



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      I think that pertains to their UNO promotion? I could be wrong. Should be 50% off entire menu.

      • Yeh you're right sorry, I misread and thought it said 21.05.2021 so thought that seemed more realistic for the 50% off!

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          Ooof still copped a downvote even after apologising for my mistake! Rough crowwwwwwwwwwwwwd today!

  • Delivery only or pick up included?

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    They have a post on Instagram ( with the details of the promotion including dates:

    50% off orders of $20 or more from Hungry Jacks between 17.5.2021 and 23.5.2021. This offer may be extended or withdrawn without notice. Discount displayed at check out. Geographical restrictions and delivery fees apply.

  • Does it apply to pickup orders?

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  • They just sent an email about it - after I placed my order hehe - looks like someone before me has already updated the conditions of the offer =)

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    The prices seems more than in store prices and u add delivery on top

    • The best deals are on their app.

      • Just ordered a family bundle $20.92 delivered.
        I checked the Hungry jacks app and the same family bundle is for $26.95 pick up.
        So this deal works better for me.

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      Nah, I think that means that there are no drivers around, it happens very often with deliveroo and uber eats right now due to the massive shortage of cheaper labour. (who else is going to deliver food in these conditions for like ~$20-25 per hour inclusive equipment costs)

      All those year's of protesting against foreigners working in Australia, and now we can't live without those workers :/

      • Should not advertise deals then that you cannot fulfil.

  • My local has just gone from open to “opening later”.
    I assume they can’t handle the amount of orders.

    • They have no one to deliver the orders. The effective pay for the owner/operators doing the deliveries after business costs/maintentance/petrol/insurance is effectively zero, so most of the gig-contractors they had have quit.

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    Adding the Family Bundle is completely broken for me. Either on the app or website. Other items seem to work fine.

    • same

    • i was able to just order a family bundle… but im concerned that the receipt doesnt show nuggets but the item description does. we'll see if they turn up and if i have to lodge a refund request

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    Deliveroo are kidding themselves if they think I'm going to use them again after this promo. First time using it, I didn't receive one of my items, lodged a refund request on the small component and they declined it. Blaming hjs and not seeking their own refund through their partnership.

    They're the service provider I've engaged with, so they need to deal with it. Uber and menulog have for me in the past. It sounds like they want me to hit them with a full chargeback which will come with a dishonour fee.

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      Same thing, missed an item. after struggling to try and add the family bundle. and then eventually giving up and just ordering other items.

      Except they did refund some of the total order for me.

      Though overall I was very disappointed, the chips were so soggy and cold, clearly delivery was very slow. I live practically next door to HJ so the driver obviously waits for a number of orders before going out. For a $6 delivery fee that's quite bad.

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    How come I couldn't find Hungry Jack's in Deliveroo app?

    • either none around you (unlikely) or they all turned off their online ordering to curb the influx (most likely)

    • Depends on location. If they don't deliver to you, then the app doesn't show the restaurant. Precisely why I'm contemplating if I could get it delivered to the park nearby the restaurant 🤣

      • yes sure you can, people have done to shopping centres before and parks

        • Like thank you for the info but now I have no excuse of ever slimming down ☹️


          • @Hahuh: Well just look at my review below than that might make you to stay slim.

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    Unable to order a family shared meal, and HJ did not even confirm my order after an hour of waiting. Waste of time.

    • so were you able to order and it sat in the preparing your order phase then just disappeared? You ordered via Deliveroo right?

  • Currently at 2 hours of waiting. Any bets of how much longer it will take?

    Edit: arrived with half the stuff missing and support refuse to refund. Nice!

    • What is the support process? Can you submit a photo of what was delivered?

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    Will this deal stack with this?

    Deliveroo Plus
    Can I get my money back if I want to cancel? Yes. You can contact us for a full refund within the first 14 days of your paid-for period. If you cancel after the 14-day cooling off period, you will not be refunded.Get in touch with us at [email protected].

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    Will this stack with the
    Citibank cash back offer?

  • How to know if the local HJ stores is doing this 50% offer?
    Anyone used Seven Hills HJ (Abbott Rd) store to use this deal?
    I can see them in list but 50% is not getting applied at checkout….

  • hungry-jacks isn’t available in your area

  • Family bundles work today!

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    Meal was Cold, Drinks were Wrong, Sundae was small not Large, I would be very disappoint/angry if I paid $35 more than I did.

    • You bought 70 bucks worth of HJ, damn

      • well $65 + $5.95 delivery and only really paid $22 due to $15 coupon, 50% HJ

  • i got over $81 worth of hj left overs in fridge and only paid $25 after discounts like $15 coupon, 50% HJ , citibank $10 cash back and shopback app and plus for free delivery. today its only 25% off. anyone know how to cancel the plus service within 14 days to get a full refund?

    • How to get $15 coupon

      • if you cant be bothered to search ozbarigain for the codes here there are:

        $10 off Chat Thai ($20 Min Spend) 31/05/2021 OzBargain

        $15 off ($25 Min Spend, New Users) 14/06/2021 OzBargain

        i think its a 1 off per account use>?
        HJ is now 25% off

        • Cheers made new account for AUGETSFOOD only 25% off HJ but still good value

  • no more 25% its ended but 15$ off and $10 back from citibank is still ok