eBay Issues - Zero Feedback Buyers and Verifying ID

I'm selling items on eBay and today two separate items sold, to two separate buyers, who both have zero feedback and both buyer accounts were created today, 17th May. One account doesn't have a full correct address listed.

I have had a few issues (over a year ago now) with zero feedback buyers and would prefer not to sell items to them, especially fragile / bulky items such as these two that I'm selling.

Is there a way to block zero feedback buyers or to avoid this from happening again? I have asked eBay customer support three times now who have said yes, you can block zero feedback buyers but the link they keep sending me is actually to block the same zero feedback buyer from buying a second item from me if they have already caused issues.

Ideally I don't want to keep losing my free listings and run the risk of receiving negative feedback on my 100% positive seller account.

Another issue I'm having with eBay is the new payment system they are implementing - for a week now I have been trying to get my account verified with my passport. I've been on eBay for about 10 years, yet for a full week they keep rejecting my passport details saying they don't match / are incorrect. Customer service keep saying just upload again, so I'm stuck in a loop. I can't access any payments I've received this week and they don't go into detail about what information doesn't match.

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    I'm selling items on eBay

    The last word in that sentence is the start, middle, and end of your problem.


      Yes, the issues are adding up. It's just frustrating as I'm selling some niche items and collectables that don't seem to sell well on Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.


        niche items

        Should try marksmarkdownmarket.

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    I'm pretty sure you can specify the minimum feedback required to purchase from your listing.


      If so, eBay customer service has not been helpful in showing me how to do so. I think it may be for auction listings only though, and I have been using fixed price. I may have to swap.


        This is the page where you can see and apply options for buyer restrictions (not sure if it'll work though) https://www.ebay.com.au/bmgt/buyerrequirements

        If your considering selling to these low level feedback people you could do a security check like other websites. Where you would sms a code to their phone and ask for it be replied back from their ebay messages.

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      Many people are confused with this option even ebays service agents. The best your can do with this requirement in buyer restriction is "Have a Feedback score of -1 or lower" that seems to have been removed as a current option but applies retroactively if it was enabled previously.


    Do not do anything until you sort your account out as it may end up being locked with you not being able to do anything.

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    It's deep in the settings have a look.

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      No it's not. Where do you think it is?


    I have been trying to do same for months now. Can't find any helpful information and customer support is becoming useless day by day.

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      I'm pretty surprised by how bad customer support has been. I've had to contact them five times in the last week for these different issues plus they kept transferring me to different people, and the info was often different person to person (even when in a chat form so they could scroll up and see something different had been typed to me about five minutes earlier…)

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        I'm pretty surprised by how bad customer support has been


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    Use the Force to sense if they are legit.


      Can't do that when they hit you first via the Buy button.


    I've never got a straight answer from eBay customer service. Their answers, when you finally get them, are long copy and pastes from a script which probably won't solve your problem.

    Even the simplest questions. For example, there is a "AU $5.00 off any Plus items" offer which appears in my vouchers all the time. But there are conditions. What are the conditions? "Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site." They've been having troubles finding that site for months. Oh well, ask customer service. Wait for days. Answer - "I don't know". At least they wer succinct for once.

    I'm guessing that the condition is $50 minimum spend but there is no way I can find out the answer to that arcane question by asking eBay.


    IMWO - your right to be sus on it. I wouldn't send anything to them - you know you'll get 0 help from ebay if it goes tits up.

    Customer service keep saying just upload again, so I'm stuck in a loop

    hahaha mission accomplished by them. think about issues if the deal goes south….


    I once opened a new account just to buy a second hand lens because there's a promo code available (I already used my main account's one).
    The seller was very kind and messaged me that he noticed my account was new, and told me to always check feedbacks before buying anything in the future.
    I was quite surprised by my first second hand purchase experience though, it was nice and smooth, and the lens was in great condition.
    But I guess it really depends your lucks…