Help with buying/building gaming PC within $1500

Hi all,

I am trying to buy/build semi decent PC for gaming but only have around $1500 to spend.

With GPU shortage, is it still possible to get a PC with RTX 3000 series graphic card with my budget?

Is it better to get a pre-build PC? I saw some really good deals for pre-build PC from BPCTech/TechFast with RTX 3060 PC around $1500ish a while back, seems cheaper to get pre-build PCs than to build your own.

Any advise on place to get best deal at the moment? Please help, thanks!


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    I am in the same boat as you OP. I know nothing about PC gaming.

    Would you be open to looking at a 2060? There’s a few of these prebuilt systems coming in at $1500


      Yes, please let me know where I can look into those pcs. Thanks!

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    Probably best to keep an eye out at the usual places Techfast, BPC Technology and Virco for a Sub $1500 system

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      This is the only way pretty much. Get lucky with a deal on ozbargain. Dell is worth considering in this climate. Maybe a ps5/xbox. I know there used to be groups that had upto date information on graphics card stock, I think maybe discord. but nothing new is really less than $900 if you're lucky. Second hand card might be worth considering if you can get your hands on one for cheap.


    If you don't know about it, prebuilt can be your best option. Specially with the parts shortages and stupid current prices.

    Assembling a PC from parts is not rocket science and only takes hour or 2 taking your time.
    Most parts only go into 1 place (CPU, RAM, PSU etc)

    I like building my own, but sometimes you wonder how they can sell prebuilts for the price and still make a profit.