Skymemo - Coinmace - Interesting Scam

Here is an interesting scam that I had not seen before; nor googling about it found much information. So posting here to see if others have seen it.

Got an SMS from an unknown number providing me a code on When I type that code in; it shows a letter saying they have lots of bitcoin and they are giving away 10 BTC to 10 random people. So far, typical scam email. It did pique my interest though. I created some new notes on skymemo and the site seems to work as advertised. I have written a program to cycle through possible codes to see if I can find other notes on this site. Been running for about a week now and have not found a single other valid code. I can't see any security features on the site and if a 6 letter code is all that is needed; I would have thought I would have accidently hit another code by now.

The note in skymemo gave me the username and password of a coinmace account. I logged in and changed the password. I also set up 2FA which worked in sending codes to my throwaway SIM. In the account I can see 10 BTC. I tried to withdraw them to my wallet; and it said I could only withdraw 0.0001 in first instance. I withdrew that amount (~$A7) and it appeared in my wallet immediately. I tried to withdraw the remaining 9.9999 and then it says; minimum I can withdraw is 10.01076 BTC. This is where the scam is. I need to put in 0.1 BTC in order to withdraw the rest. I reckon I will never see the 0.01076 BTC if I did that.

Playing around the coinmace site; it looks fully functional. I could create new accounts; could change user details. I can see transaction history, etc. Couldn't find any details about who Coinmace are in their About section or by googling.

I am impressed by how sophisticated this scam is - very very realistic and I can see how people can be tempted to pay a bit to try and get a lot.

Has anyone else seen this scam?


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    Wow.. that's so elaborate. They have gone to a lot of trouble haven't they. Weird also that you haven't hit on any other 6 digit code. Watching this thread with interest..


      It is a scam only for the PC literate crowd. There is no way that a 65yo pensioner could jump through all the hoops.


    It's a cryptoed up version of the "You have won the FIFA Lottery/Nigerian Prince Raffle, the funds are yours, you just need to pay the transfer fee" thing.


    Anything stopping you from making new accounts and continuously taking out that 7aud worth?


      Making money very… very… slowly. 1 down, 99,999 new accounts to go!


      The account with the BTC was already present as I had been given a username/password to use when logging into coinmace. I can create new accounts; but there is no bitcoin in them.

      The thought did cross my mind that I could take $7 out one at a time if I could find similar notes using other codes. Haven't found those other codes yet. :)


    I just received the same email… thanks for posting and confirming it’s a scam


    just got hit with this scam - very clever one


    First I'd like to say congrats because seeing this private memo means you are the beneficiary of one of my numerous donations and giveaways.

    This memo contains a gift of 9.5 BTC (Approximately $547,348.48 USD at the time of writing this memo).

    Wondering what this is about? sit back and enjoy my little back story.

    I've been battling with lung cancer for a while now. It's now at it's terminal stage and I'd be lucky to make it past this month.

    As I have no next of kin, I've decided to donate all of my wealth to various charities and organizations. Sold my yacht, houses etc.

    However, I came across this website SkyMemo where I can leave an anonymous message and send the code to anyone, and I thought to myself. why not?

    So this right here is the last exciting thing I'm actually doing and it's so pleasurable knowing someone somewhere will wake up, check their email or SMS and receive an anonymous donation. It's like a TV reality game and I love the feel of it.

    So here's the thing. After creating several memos with various instructions and access codes, I then picked 5 random mobile numbers and scraped 5 email addresses off of google and sent text messages and emails to all 5 numbers and emails.

    Each one of you got a different access code and in each memo there's a different gift. For you, yours is access to one of my Bitcoin investment portfolios. The current balance is about 9.5 BTC and it is all yours. See below

    Customer ID: 85192078

    Password: gh23h785

    Balance: 9.5 BTC ($547,348.48 USD as at today)

    As I write this, I understand there's a high chance you may never open this memo as you might consider my TEXT MESSAGE a joke/prank and not bother to come here. In the unlikely event, then the above funds will be locked at COINMACE forever.

    The most intriguing part of this is the excitement it gives my imagination. I will never know if you are white or black, old or young, rich or poor. All I know is, someone, somewhere is celebrating and praying for me.

    Thank you and live a fulfilled life.

    Anonymous Donor


    Is it possible they slip something like a trojan into your wallet when you connect it?

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      Possible that coinmace site is infected, that's why I used a clean isolated environment to access it. My wallet was not on the same machine.

      I dont think it's possible to slip a Trojan just through a wallet address.