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Fairy Dishwasher Tablets - Original Lemon (22pk) or Platinum Lemon (18pk) $5.60 Delivered @ Procter and Gamble eBay


Procter and Gamble (P&G) have just opened their eBay store and have some good prices on Fairy tablets with free delivery. Typically I wouldn't add a seller with such low feedback, but I have received my order and it came in P&G branded packaging with a P&G invoice!

Origional Lemon (22pcs) - $5.60 Delivered. [Unit Price $0.25]
Patinum Lemon (18pcs) - $5.60 Delivered. [Unit Price $0.31]

Origional Lemon (134pcs) - $30.78 Delivered. [Unit Price $0.23]
Patinum Lemon (84pcs) - $28.56 Delivered. [Unit Price $0.34]

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    This is probably one of the best price for platinum plus, thanks op!

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    I still think the Aldi Brand, Logix, are just as good and have been using them for a few years now. At 19c each they are better value for money imo.

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      I use these soft tablets because the hard tablets make a hell of a "clunk" in my machine when it's released from the drawer and it often scares the bejesus out of me! I have a cheap and poorly insulated machine.

  • Never buy the cheap Aldi or home brand tablets. They mess up your dishwasher. The Fisher & Paykal repairman that we called out once said that he never sees problems with dishwashers that use fairy tablets.

    • I generally agree about buying cheap 'home brand' type items and I'm sure the Logix would not be the greatest but they have stood the test of time for me and my dishwasher for the past 5yrs with no issues. However, I would also argue that Fisher & Paykal are not greatest brand when it comes to house hold appliances (20yrs of knowledge/experience with my Dad owning and running a White Goods rental business before retiring) so if you had a Fisher & Paykal dishwasher I would have less faith in it over a better quality dishwasher handling Logix brand tablets, imo.

    • How do they mess it up? I have never heard of these issues.

    • Absolutely nothing wrong with the Aldi Logix brand - in fact they rate well with Choice.

      They wash well day in day out for me, and much cheaper than fairy.

      I also don't get that overly powerful chemical smell which you get with Fairy tablets which seems to stick with the plastic items.

      I think the trick is to use a reasonably hot cycle and not a quick cycle for dishwashers to work well and rinse properly. I always use the 65 degree main cycle..

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    I believe its Procter and Gamble.

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    I had a packet of these fairy tablets that made my dishes smell weird. Anyone else ever experienced it before? It was only 1 packet out of the 10 or so i bought 2 years ago, also made my dishwasher smell weird too and had to use the finish cleaner thingo to get rid of the smell. It could have been because the packet was old or something. But never had the problem with my finish tablet packets that sat in the cupboard for over 2 years.

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      These have been on big clearance at a lot of places. I bought a pack and find they leave a horrible smell and taste on plastics and silicone no matter what cycle. It leaches into the food when it cooks. Being cheap I'm going to finish the pack but I can't wait to get back to the Aldi ones.

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        Yeah exact same smell I experienced. I stopped using it straight away when I realised it was the tablets and gave them to a friend. The smell even leeched into pasta that was cooked in a pot washed with the tablets (woops saw you said this already).

      • Argh, literally what I'm going through as well.

        Thought I would mix it up and try a new brand, ended up having to boil all my silicone utensils to remove the smell.
        It ended up leaching into everything I cooked and I didn't suspect the utensils until I sniffed everything that came out of the wash.

        Guess I'm hand washing the plastic utensils until I run out of these lemon demons.

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      Sorry I posted this above and didn't realise it was already posted here - totally agree - overly strong smell which stays in the items and affects food after - yuck.

    • Is that what caused it? Wow! I literally threw out a load of kids silicon bowls and plates and switched to bamboo because of this!

      • If you were using fairy tablets, the tablets were the cause. Re-washing them with a different brand tablet on a hot & intensive long cycle got rid of the smell for me. For me the smell was on everything, glass, metal, plastic, silicone. It was gross

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      thanks for the heads up! Will stick to the Finish brand and then use aldi when theyre done.

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    For anyone interested the platinums score 74% with choice and are just outside the list of recommended tablets, others a bit lower and supposedly the best are Earth Choice Dish Tablets:

    CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

    Egg yolk removal score View more details.

    Rice starch removal score View more details.

    Baked-on diet cheese removal score View more details.

    Red wine removal score View more details.

    Coffee removal score View more details.

    Minced-meat removal score View more details.

    pH results View more details.


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    The best a man can be.
    Get woke go broke, don't support the pc brigade folks

  • Managed to get a 84pce.

    Half price at Big W at the mo but still saved a few bucks here

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    What do these taste like compared to Tide?

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      They don't call it the Green Fairy for nothing!

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    Worth it just to try it. Thanks OP