Tablet Samsung S7+ / Surface Pro for general use?

Hello my lovelies; I'm in the market for a new tablet; after many years of using an old Sony tablet it has stopped holding a charge; so time for an upgrade!

A few of the options I'm considering is an android tablet; i.e. the Samsung 7+ and also looking at a Surface Pro for that sweet laptop/tablet conversion.

Usage will be watching movies; reading; and maybe the occasional game or two; really looking for something that will last a few years; I can take on holidays easily for media and killing time in an airport / plane. Have a desktop and a work laptop; so not needed for productivity.

appreciate any insight if people have used either; and especially if there is a bargain or two going at the moment?


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    Samsung 7+
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    Surface Pro
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    Other ?
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    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and loving it
    ($400 or so bought refurbished "as new")

    I'm mainly using it for watching movies and playing digital pinball.

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    I think there was a rumour of Tab S7 FE? Lite? coming out soon which might fit all that criteria and be significantly cheaper.

    • ahh thanks for the heads up mate; will look into it as well!

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