Recommend Me a New 5.1 Speaker System - Weird Setup

I'm getting a new TV. Sony x9000h

In another room, I currently have a Sony bluray with a 5.1 speaker setup. It's plugged to my desktop, and really used only as a PC speaker.

I want to move this BR to the living room for the new TV. It'll probably work.

So I'd like a new 5.1 system to use as the PC speaker. Doesn't need to be fancy, but just something that is quick to turn on unlike the BR. I'd also need speaker stands to keep the 4 off the floor. Or maybe even wall mount up high? Where would I put the center speaker?

What would you suggest? Mainly I just watch movies in a corner while using the PC. Nothing too much more.

THe other option is leave the BR as is, and buy a sound system for the TV. I just figure the BR system that I inherited from a friend must be better qual than anything else I'd buy.