Recommend Me a Replacement HEPA for End of Life Sharp Air Purifier FUW28J

can anyone recommend me a Hepa filter from another air purifier with following dimensions that will fit or close enough that i can make it work 34cm x 32cm x 2cm, My sharp air purifier in question works fine and i would rather not have purchase another unit if i don't have to, the filters are end of life and not stocked anywhere in Australia or overseas that i can find, sharp cant help me either.
the filter part number is FZ-W28SFJ i have searched and cant find any replacement at all.


  • Have you tried calling Sharp directly? A couple of years ago I bought one from them directly as most other outlets had stopped selling them. My purifier has been used almost every day since 2012 and still going strong. Pity they don't have better spares support.