Mobile Accessories Brand Suggestion for Retailer

Hi all, I have a retail store in Perth, and looking to stock a mobile accessories stand. I have come across brands like iGear, Techcentre in post offices, but have no ideas how good they are. Looking for one with a proper stand too.

What do you think it's a good brand with reasonable RRP? If someone works in the industry, feel free to PM me to discuss a business opportunity.


  • Anker.

    • I do like Anker brand. Not sure they distribute to the stores though. Have you seen them in-store before on an Anker stand?

  • Aukey?

    Depends if you're going for cheap or high end.

  • Spigen.

  • For phone cases I always get Supcase, saved my phone plenty of times

    • Probably not so much that. Could use a few popular one, but mainly cables, charger, earbud, powrbank etc..

  • Worked in the "industry" over the last few years at a Telco and at an accessory kiosk. (Thankfully free & in IT now lol).

    Pelican - too hard to get off.
    Spigen - excellent
    Otterbox - fantastic - #1 choice
    Tech21 - flimsy looking but do okay
    Screen Protectors - Dome Glass is #1 for Android, for iPhone honestly most things are okay but Samsung don't cheap out otherwise you'll get a lot of complaints about it falling off.

    In terms of charging - most cables are decent - Cygnettt, Anker, Belkin, anything that is a "big brand" is good.

    Pop sockets only appeal to a certain type of person I've found - mainly families and iPhone users.

    Anything you can get wholesale with a hard and soft casing is really good for general protection.

    Phone accessories in general honestly don't provide the biggest margin from what I've found - wireless chargers are the big money makers when you realise RRP vs what the stores actually charge. I would recommend instead have a phone charging station for people to charge their phones in store and just sell a range of wireless chargers (stand types are most popular). But with what you can charge for them people won't second guess the prices because they don't know the true cost and generally are happy to buy any brand as long as it works.

    Hope this helps!

    Also Samsung, Apple both earbuds yes, Jabra and JBL = best other brands for margin and quality.

    • Appreciate your input in term of the reputation of each brand. I don't actually own a phone shop. I just need a stand that has everything of the same branding. What you suggested, though good, is not feasible to source individually.