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[PC] Steam - Humble Best of BANDAI NAMCO Bundle (incl. Katamari + more) - $1.28/$15.46/$22.41(BTA)/$25.78 - Humble Bundle


Another bundle from Humble Bundle. This one has four tiers where the third tier is the BTA tier.
Some great games in here.

Tier 1: $1.28:

  • Pac-Man 256

Tier 2: $15.46:

  • Tekken 7
  • Tales of Berseria
  • Katamari Damacy REROLL

Tier 3: $22.41 (BTA):

  • Tales of Zestiria
  • RAD
  • Little Nightmares Complete Edition

Tier 4: $25.78:

  • Project Cars 3


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  • +2 votes

    Great bundle! would of gotten it if I didn't have more than half of the games.

    If anyone has Katamari Damacy REROLL, CODE VEIN and Project Cars 3 for trade message me.

    • +1 vote

      Looks like you also bought the previous Bandai Namco Bundle like i did, those three are the only new games for me also, but not sure if nearly $26 is that great a deal for just those ones.

  • +2 votes



    Anyone willing to trade CODE VEIN?

    I got lots of games up for trade :)

  • +1 vote

    A bundle where pretty much everything in it is worth it? Isn't a Choice bundle, that's for sure.