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Buy 1 Get 1 Free New Yorker Pizza @ Domino's


Buy one get one free New Yorker pizza at dominos. Min delivery $22.

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  • +1

    Afternoon snack sorted. Cheers

    • lunch sorted…

  • Not sure what all this sorting is about, it's just two pizzas, shouldn't require any sorting, just stuff em in ya gob!

  • +1

    Dominos New Yorker is a joke - I've had pizza in NY City and this is an insult and a half.

    • +4

      You goin there anytime soon?

      • -1

        Nope, and this pizza (even x 2) won't take me back there either.

  • +6

    I can't even order a New Yorker pizza from Dominos on their site

    • +1

      same lol new yorker menu disappear when u click order

      • +3

        Mine shows New Joisey pizza instead…

      • Yeah I can't even see it on the app. I think they removed it or something.

    • We have two stores here, one doesn't list any. The other lists two: Cheese, and Ham.

    • Worked on the app for me… but i'm resisting….

  • +1

    Dinner and lunch is sorted I guess, cheers OP, time to avoid the scales for a minute there

  • My store used to do new yorker but they are no longer on there.

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