Selling an ACT Registered Car as NSW Resident

Hi everyone,
l recently bought a car off a friend from ACT, with 3 months ACT rego. I called RTA and confirmed, I don't need to transfer it too NSW rego for 3months. So I used the car for 2 months, basically to learn manual, and no longer need it. From what I understand after 3 months is up, I HAVE to transfer it to NSW, which means 12months rego + fees in transferring plates + blue slip. My initial option was putting the 12 months rego, and just selling it with that rego. However is there any other option I have?
Emailing RTA suggests the car needs NSW rego to have ownership transferred.
Anyone else have any possible solutions. Not looking to make a profit on the car, just get rid of it to be honest.


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    Drive to the ACT and off load it to a dealer there?


      Yeah my mate said he can try selling it over there, however the car didn't come with the RWC every car from Canberra needs when being transferred. I just expected this wouldn't be an issue cause I was gonna use it in NSW.

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        I might be wrong but don’t think the onus in the ACT is on the seller for RWC. I believe the buyer needs to obtain it before transferring to their name, but again is something you can do to speed up the process.
        I have bought twice from the ACT and wasn’t provided with one on either occasion.

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    Hand the plates in and sell vehicle a bit cheaper without rego.

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    First of all don't bother dealing with RMS (NSW) as the car is ACT registered and at the moment that's all that matters if you plan to sell and not hold. Call them up to get some clarity to your situation and they should be able to advise. With my dealings with them, they've been miles above NSW call centre staff, and are actually knowledgeable and give useful info. My opinion below:

    What car is it? If its an easy enough car to sell just list it and sell it onto someone who is keen on purchasing. State to them that it hasn't officially been transferred to your name Technically all they care about (RMS/Access Canberra) is the payment of transfer fees and stamp duty so if you go in and pay that they wont have issue with transferring to another person afterwards.
    On a more dodgy note, you could say you were buying for them on their behalf and you want to transfer to them now, but I wouldn't recommend it and it would be at your own risk.

    If you live near the ACT it should be easy enough to get an ACT buyer and just go into AccessCBR and get the above done.

    Like other poster has mentioned if planning to sell to NSW people then just let them test drive with plates on, but sell with plates off and have car de-registered (should be possible over the phone, so contact AccessCBR and mention that its been sold to an interstate individual who is acquiring a UVP before taking away and is to be sold knowingly as unregistered)

    If you live away from the ACT (i.e not in surrounding NSW regions), then you could consider moving to NSW rego and paying up a years rego but that'll come at a decent cost (expect $1200-1500) and for a car that you only learned to drive in, its probably not worth it and you'd only get a proportion of the cost incurred back.

    With rego being due, you wouldn't obviously be able to drive it longer than 3 months anyways, but what you mentioned is technically true. However, I have bought ACT registered cars (with over 3 months rego remaining) and driven across NSW until expiry. Whilst slightly dodgy, they'd have to prove/you willingly provide info to suggest that the car has been garaged continuously in NSW over the last 3 months, and therefore fine you (again highly unlikely)


      Wow, thank you so much for that detailed reply.
      The car is 2001 Honda Civic with 340km on the clock. It runs completely fine and has new tyres, oil, coolant etc.
      I don't live near Canberra, however my friend does, I don't mind driving it down over the weekend and possibly getting it sold in Canberra while I'm there.
      Right now I'm exploring my options, and will get on the phone with Access Canberra.
      Again thank you so much!


    NSW has 6 month rego too

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      Not if you’re establishing rego in NSW for the first time or after a blue slip (this event). Then the first rego must be 12 months, and can go down afterwards.

      Source: Had to do this twice

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        Can confirm. Let my rego lapse by one day (today) and paying it today only gave me the option for 12 months. 1 day RMS… cut me a break some time :D

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    If you bought it from a friend in ACT and havent transferred the rego, then it must still be in your friends name.

    (given you havent done a RWC in the ACT, then it isnt in your name as you couldn't transfer it without that. And also since you live in NSW you wouldnt have been able even with that)

    Sell it and have your friend sign the transfer papers since technically they still own the car

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      Technically you own the car as you would have a bill of sale (i hope) but as Rocky mentions the RTA would have records of your friend being the rightful owner.
      Of course if he/she submitted the notice of disposal this would be different (would remove liability from them and ownership interest) and trying to sell a car again would throw up some flags. If they haven't done that though, then what rocky mentions would be ideal (didnt cross my mind), and you could take one step further and ask accessCBR to provide replacement rego papers, so you could provide purchaser clean rego transfer papers and have your mate sign to transfer it over.


        True, if the friend has told the ACT authority they have sold the car, then all sorts of flags would be raised. In fact the car might technically be unregistered. (in NSW I think you have 14 days only to transfer - ACT maybe different).

        Lets hope for OP this isnt the case.


          they cant unregister it as that would make the car lose its CTP. its only there to make administration of fines and other things easier. There's a fine ("surcharge") of approx. $100 if you dont transfer in the 14 days, so really its just another thing to line their pockets.

          For reference:

          I've paid it a couple times so I could use the interstate rego of purchases, where the value of keeping it vs a refund was much higher than the fine. It is a common practice in the ACT when people buy from NSW given how much more expensive rego is down there, and thus get a few months rego for free.