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QNAP TS-230 2-Bay Diskless NAS ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 1.4GHz CPU 2GB RAM $269 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ NSW C&C) @ Mwave


New QNAP model and cheapest online at the moment, has a quad core processor with 2GB RAM.

Great for home storage server use or to use as a media server.

I am buying one to expand my current NAS storage size, need some deals on 3.5" 12TB or more hard drives now.

$0 metro delivery to Melb, Syd, Can, Bris.

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    too bad i have syno already but from i heard with qnap you can connect a monitor and keyboard and access directly, with syno you need a laptop to access.

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    Price in title

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      Thank you. My first post here :)
      Looks like someone has already fixed it.

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    I would recommend doing a little research into the QNap zero day vulnerabilities and their subsequent response to fixing them. Qnap’s attitude has put me off a little.


      I don't know enough about the zero day vulnerabilities but i chose not to turn on my VPN so i can only access it on local network.


        the problem is if your QNAP device is accessible from the internet.


      Used to be a big QNAP fan, but since I got the old ransomware last year I paid a little more attention to the security of these things.

      Luckily the unlock keys of my ransom were provided by a guy that hacked the ransomware hackers (funny read).
      Now the attempts are still coming in fast. This can be bypassed by not connecting to myqnap etc but that kind of defeats the purpose for me.

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        all these remote access on by default devices should be avoided. Turning off UPnP on your router is a great idea too.

        I always disable internet remote access and then setup a VPN which I can connect to externally which allows me into my home network as if I'm at home. Not perfect, but a helluva lot more secure and less likely to be exploited.


          I agree and thats all good and well as I use it with my freenas.
          But this kind security for a QNPA device should be handled by QNAP as I want to use their extra functionality, but QNAP pretty much advertise "He everybody, here is the ip of a QNAP you can ransomware".

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    HomeNewsSecurityQlocker ransomware shuts down after extorting hundreds of QNAP users

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      Just thinking of this. Wouldn't touch QNAP with a 10 foot pole.

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    I was a victim of this ransomware attack. The thing that pissed me off the most is that, even though it lodged a support ticket for help, I only recover a generic reply that directed me to a random thread that was no help at all. They simply did not give a shit about helping their customers.

    I lost nearly 6tb of data and was very close to paying the .03 bitcoin (over $2200), but Fortunately I was able to find the actual thread that gave steps on how to recover all my data.

    I've since removed all the hdds from my qnap box, put the nas box on the road and driven over it a few time with my suv, then throw it in the bin. I did this instead of selling it on gumtree, because I didn't want anyone else to have to go through what happened to me!

    PS. Please don't give me a lecture about having backups. I did have backups, but they were not up to date.


      Wow sounds like the rule is don't buy qnap lol, last machine I had was a hp microserver running FreeNAS


        that's perfect. freenas is rock solid file server.
        People buy these (Qnap/Synology) souped up kit because they're also a server (media (kodi/Plex), torrent, Minecraft, etc).

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      Should’ve had up to date backups.


    Price is 299 now?