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Seiko 43.8mm Auto Black Samurai SRPB51J $369.00 Shipped @ Starbuy


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Seiko Auto Prospex Samurai (SS Bracelet) SRPB51J

  • Crystal/Lens - Hardlex
  • Diameter - 43.8mm
  • Band width - 22mm
  • Case Thickness - 13mm
  • Cal. 4R35 Automatic Movement, 23 Jewels, Self winding, Hand winding & Hacking
  • SS Bracelet with Solid End Links
  • Power Reserve - 41 Hours
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Unidirectional Bezel
  • Date Window at 3pm
  • Water resistant - 200 metres
  • 3 Year Warranty From Seiko Australia

Review here
Watchuseek - The New Samurai Thread

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  • I really need a samurai in my collection.
    I have a sumo which isn't big for me, Can anyone chime in about the samurai for comparison?

    • +1

      Samurai is slightly smaller. But only by 1-2mm size wise. I find myself reaching for my samurai more then my sumo or turtle or even my tuna most days just cost it's slightly lighter as well. Also, this is probably the best price for a samurai ever I reckon.

      • +2

        Starbuy have done them for $299 in their christmas sales, then cashback on top of that.

        • I miss that chance :(

    • I’ve tried both and Samurai definitely wears smaller than Sumo.

    • +1

      while Samurai still is quite big, and one of the largest in my collection, it wears ok. I dont's have sumo, but samurai feels slightly larger/similar than turtle, due to lugs/caseback.
      I change SS to strap/nylon/perlon/bungee - works very well! great reliable watch, I wear in office and while camping ( i upgraded to saphire which I highly recommend).
      Bezel is aluminium and will wear down - I tried SS bezel, but still love original everynow and then.
      Dial on this one is boring imho. they used to have dials with various wave gradiented patterns, which I highly recommend.

    • +1

      I have a pretty small wrist but I daily a Turtle. I had a Samurai but sold it because it wasn't getting as much wear as the Turtle. That said, I loved it and thought it looked great (just not as much as the Turtle obvs). I managed to convert a long time Euro watch buyer to now daily a Samurai.

      They are ridiculously good value for that price.

  • +2

    Wow thats cheap

  • +1

    Great price for a very nice watch. Definitely something on the radar for me, but not this time.

  • +4

    WatchNerd, you've done it again

  • +1

    This is an amazing price for a Japan made samurai!

  • +1

    Finally Made In Japan without the price, wohoo!

  • +2

    Damn, holding out for the King variants but this price!

  • +1

    The king is definitely worth holding out for I snagged the checkered cream faced king samurai for $559 still think Watsons has that deal on.

    Ceramic bezel, sapphire and drilled lugs are all handy.

    But size and shape wise these wear great not too big or small and just really fun look great on many different bands!

    • The Cyclops is the part that turns me off the King Samurai…..

      The Islander Samurai has a lot of the upgrades in a slightly smaller form factor at the expense of ISO certification

      • Yeah mate originally ythat was one of the reasons why I was going to avoid it but doesn't seem to bother me these days and I guess once I scratch the glass I'll just get a flat sapphire glass installed.

        Honestly drilled lugs have been the most handy feature in my mind as I change bands almost daily!

        The Islander? Talking about the "long island watch" guys custom jobs?

  • -2

    Not Sapphire glass…

    • +10

      I feel like people worry about this one way too much. I have a (Hardlex) Seiko that has been worn every day for years including sports, and it doesn't have scratches even under a magnifier.

      • I scratched my hardlex snhz53 crystal against my garage brick wall. Did the same thing with a sapphire sarb033 and only the metal part got scratched but the glass was completely fine. I think that might be a real life scenario where sapphire is better. Ideally you aren't a clutz like me but sapphire is like insurance for the clumsy.

  • +1

    man if only it was a pepsi colour!

  • +5

    Some good prices on Shiels with additional 10% off with FRENZY10 code: https://www.shiels.com.au/seiko-watches?twi_collection=280&p...

  • +2

    It's a nice watch, seiko's are getting more expensive. The 4r movement is quite inaccurate and it does lose time or in my case gain time. I gain about 20 minutes a month. If keeping time is important the 6r is really a much better movement . I remember when the alpinist used to be $300-$400 now it's around $800 . Seiko's popularity is driving their watch prices up.
    I would wait until the spb103j sumo drops to around $650 and jump on that. Starbuy do good deals on the sumo every now and then. I do hope they release a samurai with the 6r movement. It really would be something I'd get. The designs are beautiful

  • +1

    Still waiting for the STO 2 (SRPC93) to go on sale

    • So am I, but with the extra 10% off at Shiels, it brings it down to $450, which I'm guessing is only $50 more than StarBuy will drop it to anyway (and who knows if/when that will ever happen.

      Gah!!! So hard to decide!

      • +1

        Starbuy .. you listening?? 🤔

        • Personally I'd prefer to buy from StarBuy, I've bought from them twice and both have been excellent transactions. But this is really tearing at me. I'll see whether by magic it becomes the 1 Day Deal tomorrow and if not, pull the trigger on Shiels

        • +3

          Starbuy listened!

          • +1

            @TechAddict: So glad they did! Can't wait to get it in the mail.

  • Price gone back up to $499?

    • +1

      Apply code - DIVERS200 - as mentioned in the description.

      • +1

        My bad

  • +1

    Long time follower, first purchase, thanks NERD!

    • +3

      Username checks out.

      • Any chance the blue one will go on sale? I'd get that too!

        • +2

          I doubt it, this is the lowest price ever for a J model Samurai.

        • I guess I was wrong. Not as cheap as this deal - $399.00 delivered here.

  • For those that have Seikos with the 4R35 movement, how is the real-world performance of this movement?

    • For the real world? Perfectly fine.
      For the watch nerds who care about 5 minutes lost in a month? May be an issue, but then go buy a quartz watch.

      • Thanks. Yeah I have read the specs of +45/-35 seconds per day is the worst case Seiko states and it is generally more accurate than that in practice.

    • Power reserve is low at 40 hours, timing accuracy is average as well. Blue Samurai here.

  • Hey Watchnerd - have been looking around for the SRPB49K1 … any deals on that model ?

  • +2

    My first automatic watch! Thanks

  • Nice! I ordered one. Been after the black version for a while and this is the J version too! Thanks WatchNerd!

  • WatchNerd, can you get us a deal on the Presage?

    • Or 10% off store wide? :D

  • I have both the samurai and turtle. Due to the dial design, visually samurai will wear larger than a turtle.

  • Anyone know what year this watch is from?

      1. These are an evolution of the 2004 Samurai I guess if you want to be picky.

  • +1

    After all the years of whining about getting a Seiko watch I decide to get one today. Cheers WatchNerd.

  • Just after a bit of advice. Having a nightmare trying to adjust the bracelet of my new Seiko Samurai. My pin pusher isn't long enough to push the pin far enough out

    • +1

      Just to be sure, are you pushing the pin out following the direction of the arrow on the bracelet?
      All my Sammies were adjusted like any other pin/collar watch with no dramas (the pin part on my pusher is just under 5mm long).

      • Yup but I’m used to two side collars that poke out after I push them from the side like monsters and turtles, but it’s not happening on this one.

        • +1

          Ah I see, the collar on Sammies and Turtles is on the upside of the middle link when the arrow is pointing down.

          • @zonra: Does that mean I need to pull it out with a plier?

            • +2

              @hexad: You could, but you shouldn’t have to.
              See this diagram, once you get the pin out of the collar the pin should drop straight out.
              The collar will hold tight around the push tool, but you can just yank the tool out as the collar can’t pass through the outer piece.
              Keep in mind that once the links are separated, the collar can and will fall out, so keep an eye on it.

              • +1

                @zonra: Thanks! I’ll try again tonight but my cheap pin pusher is at the max and it still won’t budge. I don’t have a small enough plier. But really appreciate the graph, couldn’t imagine what it looked like

  • SRPF79K is a nice one, I'll wait…