Gaming PC or Xbox?

I am looking to get back into gaming, to play Halo, GTA 5, Cyberpunk along with new AAA games when they're released.

Initially, I was thinking of having a PC built which would cost around $2,500 due to GPU prices.

On the other hand, I can buy a Xbox X/Series X for a fraction of the price.

An Xbox one X/series X will cost around $300 - $800 and leaves me with $2k to spend on games and accessories.

Whichever method I choose, I will be using a controller to game with if that helps.

Has anyone been in a similar situation, will I miss out on anything?


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    Series X + Game Pass Ultimate.


      This ^ I currently have an Xbox Series X and pay for Gamepass ultimate, I don’t think I’ve paid for a game for at least 12 months as the game pass library includes a lot of games.

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        @lordezekiel @woodyoulikesomecash - That was my initial thoughts, that I could get by with a X and use game pass. Especially since I am a Mac user normally.

        What happens if you stop subscribing to game pass? does it cancel your saved installs and progress?

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          You keep your progress but you cannot access the games until you re subscribe.

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      You can get the Game Pass on PC too.
      But yeah, assuming you can actually get a Series X, the value is far better compared to PC thanks to the GPU situation
      It hurts to say this as a PC gamer


        @FireRunner - That is what I was thinking as well. I know PC may have a lower running cost and possibly better graphics. But $2k saving is hard to resist at this point. I just don't know if Xbox will allow me to play older games I liked.


          I just don't know if Xbox will allow me to play older games I liked.

          One advantage of the Xbox is that it is backwards compatible so you can play Xbox 360 games, etc. on the newer Xbox models.


      ^This is what im doing now too. I can no longer sit up to play PC games after moving to XBox Series X. Lounge is my new friend.

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    Pre covid, i would suggest a PC.
    But now, many other factors, chip shortage, inflated prices, console is a better option, especially with xbox game pass.

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    You'll miss out on VR, proper FPS, all RTS games.

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      I definitely agree on VR, but a lot of FPS and RTS games support keyboard/mouse on Xbox. Certainly not all, and it should be more, but it's not completely out of the question. See here for a list
      It's not an ideal situation, but as a (now lapsed) PC Gamer, the pick up and play, the variety and the value for Xbox made me entirely reconsider my PC upgrade cycle. My 4+ year old PC is still good enough for most of the RTS/sim games I want to play.

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        What about MOBA's?

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    If it was up to $1000 difference like it used to be, I'd go a PC setup.

    But prices being as they are, I reckon you'd be mad to go that route. And I reckon your $2.5k budget is cutting it pretty tight, so probably closer to $3k.
    BIG difference, that could go to a new TV or sound setup, or whatever else you can think to spend $2k on!

    Brand new Xbox and 12m Game Pass Ultimate for under $1k… nothing more to spend. No stuffing about building it, updating drivers, taking up a crapload of space.
    The Xbox controllers work from a long distance… I have the Xbox set up in one room, have the HDMI cable run through the roof and down the wall, and with a splitter can play on either TV depending on who's watching what. You'll never look back at PC gaming again.

    Plus Xbox gives you the flexibility to play multiplayer (family members etc) if that's a consideration with kids/family.

    I really don't think there's a big decision to make here. Honestly.


    Xbox Series X + Games Pass

    Cannot recommend this enough.

    Grab a 5tb external for all the backward compatibility titles. There are a crazy amount that now run at higher frame rates thanks to FPS Boost.

    See this list of currently boosted titles:

    Later on grab the expansion card once there are more series x titles that require the dedicated storage.


    PC Gamer. Buy a Series X.

    Buy via Telstra if you want game pass and pay it off over two years.

    The difference between AAA titles at release between console and PC is $10 to $20. But game pass includes many of them.

    If you must get a PC, pre built seems to be the way to go at the moment. Most people over spend on motherboards, PSU's and cases, which can add $300 to $500 in expenses for no perceivable benefits. Then there is another $300 for the windows licence and peripherals (your controller and lounge keyboard).

    Or $46 a month for a Series X with game pass and upto $150 upfront for a lounge keyboard….. Hard choice.


    I will be using a controller to game with if that helps.

    Gaming console is what I recommend for you.

    If you needed a PC for gaming you'd know. PC is the best platform if you need 100+ keys to finely control actions, or if you want to heavily customise your setup.

    If you don't need the hundred keys to press or care about crazy customisation then the much easier and guaranteed nicely setup option is the console.

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    Assuming there's no game that you can only get on PC, the XBX is probably better if you don't mind a 7yr-ish life for each console and having to repurchase your game library for the next generation.

    I normally only spend $1500-1800 when I get a new PC and a PC can last me 5yrs before I need to do a maintenance repair (can be $200-1000). I rely on getting Humble or Fanatical bundles, games during sales, and Epic Store weekly giveaways so my actual outlay for games is super low and the whole library still works after I upgrade.

    But this works for me and may not work for you if you're aiming for the latest AAA titles on launch and don't intend to replay them in 5-10yrs time.

    And yes, I still have copies of old games like Terminator: Future Shock bought for $10 from the 90s :-P


    Prebuilt pc's can still be quite good. You could get a 3070 gpu build for 2k. Get a pc if you want to be a gamer and get the best gaming experience possible. A consol does the job but you sacrifice quality and versatility. I have both but inly use my console when travelling, its garbage in comparison.

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    Hijacking this thread for my son.

    His seven year old Xbox died last night, and he's looking for an Xbox 1X. Seems to be a dearth in Australia. We're in Adelaide. The ebay ones are about $300 more than anywhere else, so $1200+.

    Is it worth waiting for EFY and more stock? We've checked all the usual shops- JB, GG, Big W, etc.

    Grateful for any suggestions.


      @Lastchancetosee - I needed up going for the XB1 through the Telstra deal posted previously.

      Works out to be XB1 with 2 years off game pass for around $780. It’s meant to ship by June 30. I think this is a great value.

      I am open to PC gaming but I don’t want to pay 2x the price when I can wait 12 - 18 months for prices to stabilise.