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[PC, EA Desktop] Biomutant $4.65 ($4.18 with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) @ Electronic Arts


"Biomutant (PC) is USD$2.99 on EA Desktop app (even cheaper if you got EA Play/Game Pass PC). Download the app here: https://www.ea.com/ea-desktop-beta

includes standard game + DLC preorder"


There's a chance EA may cancel the order, etc, as it seems like a mistake price.

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  • Fantastic if it works!

  • +3

    Just saw the thread on ResetEra :) Gave it a shot, at worst I get a refund.

    • Yeah, very much my approach!

    • It's not eligible for "Great Game Guarantee", can we still get refund for it?

      • They're referring to the order being cancelled if its a pricing error. They can't not give you the game and still take your money.

        • On the order page, it says:

          BIOMUTANT - The Mercenary Class
          Standard Edition

          This is the price of DLC only. But it's still EA's fault for the typo. I ordered anyways, will see how it goes.

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            @Hellcrusher2903: When you go and click on Biomutant after you bought it it also says 'You ordered the standard edition" which is clearly the game. Took screenshots of this so really they must wear it since they already took my money (read: now a valid contract exists).

    • Yoooo, Era buddies waddup

      • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Worst website in existence.

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    Thanks OP! Seemed to work

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    When you get the order email, it says you only purchased the DLC "BIOMUTANT - The Mercenary Class"
    Worth a gamble tho

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    I also don't feel bad doing this since I wouldn't have bought the game otherwise, so they aren't losing out. However, if the game had co-op I would have paid full price… more games need co-op :(

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    "You pre-ordered the Standard Edition"

    We shall see…

    The receipt says "BIOMUTANT - The Mercenary Class"

  • 4.18 if you have Gamepass Ultimate. Also the game looks garbage lol so janky

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    Can it be played on Xbox?

  • I've not purchased anything through the EAPlay Desktop App before. If I buy any item through EAPlay Desktop App, does it mean I also buy the console version?

  • I still have some ea credit, so I bought this. Don't mind if they refund me, as it will be in the ea play one day.

  • Ha, worth a try. Guess we have to see if the pre-load works in a few days time.

  • lets see where this one goes

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    getting an error now?

    • +2

      Yeah i think they've killed it. Getting an error too :(

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    coming up as $99.95 here. Perhaps it's fixed. Great way to get me to load EA Desktop beta. Was Origin launcher not web scale?

    • That again would indicate it was the game, not the DLC as $99.95 for a DLC is too steep, even for EA.

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    No longer working

  • Good while it lasted, I hope! Marked as expired.

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    Anyone else’s PayPal get charged twice? One to EA and one to EA Swiss Sarl?

    • A few people over at r/GameDeals have expressed something similar happening to them.

    • +1

      One is paid and the other is pending on mine.

  • Seems like I can "pre-order" again so I assume some form of refunds incoming.

    • don't see that on my end

      • Oh seems to be showing as pre-ordered again.

  • Gotta be in it to win it. Good luck

  • ahah bought it thinking it was a coop game lol. either way it is a win win

    • Well it won't be win win because EA won't honour it, lol.

      • it be a win if they refund also a win if the honor it.

        how often do you ea get the beta software dld along with new games bough on it lol

  • I'm assuming this didn't work. In the store it says I have pre-ordered the standard edition, but the pre-load button is greyed out (which I would have thought would be available now because it launches tonight). It's also not in my library.

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      Well it says download available on : May 26, 2021 at 3:00 AM. So can't really tell until then.

      • It does say we can pre-load :|

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    When I click on Biomutant, this is what it says:

    You pre-ordered the Standard Edition
    Download available on:
    May 26, 2021 at 2:30 AM
    Be the first to play BIOMUTANT, pre-load the game before launch!

    Seems to be working just fine.

    • +1

      Same for me, so we will know after 3am tonight.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVXxqWrWobg

        Looks like some guy got an early access, first hour of gameplay. And god damn they are asking $99.95 on steam for it..!!

        Edit: I think we might have been busted. Just got some email from Origin saying my preload was ready. My preload definitely ain't ready.

        • yeah I can't preload it

        • Got the same email, can't pre-load.

    • Yep that’s what I see in the game client.

      On the stores web based account UI it looks like DLC was purchased however if I search “biomutant” in the game client only the game shows up, no DLC, and it says I own the game if I click it.

      Guess we’ll see.

  • Be a laugh if they just gave everyone the DLC. Just got an email saying that it's ready for me to pre-load but nothing's there. Guessing it won't show because it's not a game?

    • We only bought the pre-purchase DLC and not the actual game? Noice

    • Email says now, but the EA game client itself says 3AM tomorrow for me.

      • Based on some comments around Reddit, they don't do preloads for PC. So I'd be waiting for the 3AM.

  • I ended up asking for a refund through EA live chat before it hit the 'release' time. Surmised that we weren't going to get the game and wanted to get in before the thousands of others thinking similar.

    If you get the game, mean, if not, they should give you a refund if you hit em up. Bloke I talked to reckons 'refund will take up to 10 days'.

    • I really do not understand why people are so quick asking for refunds. If they took your money, there is a valid contract and with every day they do not cancel or refund their position weakens. Why allow them to refund you when that means you have agreed to revoke the contract (especially if you asked for it yourself)?
      I have had this situation with many of the big companies (electronics, shoes, supermarkets) and every single time in the end they agreed they had to honour the contract and I got what I bought.

      • Well one bloke on twitter got lucky and is playing the game

        And meh. Just wanted my $5 back before I forget I made this purchase. Rather go buy me a coffee than battle away with EA on my keyboard. Bought it for a laugh so not that fazed. If you get it, so stoked my dude.

      • It's working now. Your patience paid off!

        Edit* lol I can download it as well. Free game.

        • Until the refund is processed…

  • +1

    Tried playing/installing it and got hit with

    "Unable to install
    There was a slight hiccup and we couldn’t finish installing BIOMUTANT. Restart your PC and try again."

    Seems like as said above, it was just the preorder bonus for the game

    • Same deal, tried on two PC's.

    • +3

      Try again. Few people have said that the download size has changed from 0 to 25gb.

      Edit* I'm downloading on Origin right now.

      • Yeah i can now download it, lol

        Even if you refunded it, you can still apparently download it, lmfao

  • +1

    Check again, y'all. It now looks like it is working.

  • They could be scared if they revoke our access we will neg bomb the reviews on metacritic

    • No, they won't, basically you are just beta testing their new platform.

  • Installed the game and it actually works.

    Thanks OP!

    • We did it boys, we really did it.

  • Yep, working for me (allows me to download it) after not letting me this morning.

  • yay dling. i dont think ea was going bother refunding the game to those bought it.
    they made a good cheap sale but in large volumes

    • I see they didn't bother with Denuvo for this game - somebody already cracked it. This speaks volumes about EA's confidence in how well this game is going to do once the reviews start flooding in. Neg review train incoming.

      $4.75 was possibly the right amount to pay for the game, this could be another Anthem.

      • Its not even made by EA lol

        Not even sure why you're comparing it to Anthem either, its a fully single player game made by a small developer. Its quite decent for a small team and its definitely different

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