NRMA Insurance - Single Items (Insurance 4 That)

Hi All,

I'm looking at getting the Single Item insurance through NRMA and I'm wondering if anyone has insured their devices/laptops
through them already and if you had to make a claim and had no Issues?

Most of the reviews here are negative, but a couple are good
enough that i'm considering going through with it - It's only $115/year to insure my $2.5k Laptop for example which includes
Theft anywhere in Australia and accidental damage anywhere in Australia.

Looking for reviews/info from existing customers/past customers.

EDIT: Excess is $150 for claim



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    • It looks to be the same provider

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    I have my kids surface pro's they use at school insured with them. Made 3 claims through them, easy process and good outcomes each time. My cost is about $92 per laptop per year. Excellent value I think.

    • This is the answer i was hoping to get thanks