Does a Duo Core Laptop Have Any Place in 2021, Given a Strictly MS Word/Coding/Web Browsing on The Go Role?

Yeah, I have a gaming laptop that is too inconvinent for taking outside.

Currently looking for a laptop that I can take outside and not having to carry 3kg worth of stuff with me. Im also just into a tiny bit of gAmEr aesthetics that I dont really like any other reputable brands but looking at second hand razer blade stealths.

Heres the problem, I really dont want to spend more than a grand on this purchase. Yet every second hand razer blade stealth that falls below this price also comes with a 2c/4t (i7 6500u/7500u) processor, that really doesnt seem to work in 2021.

So, is anyone using a duo core laptop in 2021, whats ur thoughts? Are you running windows 7 or windows 10 with it, and how smooth is it, with chrome/word etc?

Thanks for any inputs in advance.

Edit: The ones Im looking at are all around the 700$ range if that helps.


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    You can get a hell of a lot more bang for your buck for a grand'ish than a seriously outdated Razer Blade e.g.

    Have you considered a tablet instead?

    • im not too sure how well a tablet goes with coding?

      Also, I really dont want to cross the 1k line if I have to. Im looking into other brands like lenovo, but I just kinda like the aesthetics of the razer I guess. If its really that bad I will look elsewhere.

      • I used a surface pro 2 all the way through my computer science degree and it was great.

  • what do you mean by "duo core" ? dual core or core 2 duo (from 2008) ?

    • Sorry for the confusion I meant a duo core laptop, like the one I listed above.

      • what are the expected uses ? I think 6500u would be more than enough for most cases. I still got a 4030u

        • just word, powerpoint, light coding/web browsing when I go to campus.

          • @Brrrrt: That honestly should be fine, most s****y processors can handle those fine.

      • Number of cores and threads isn't really that relevant best at looking at an overall performance score if you are worried. The one thing I would be more concerned about is the battery life. Modern processors have had big gains in efficiency and you will already be dealing with degraded batteries so I would personally lean towards a modern midrange machine but I'm a boring engineer.

        • Yeah I will look into other brands. thanks

  • Running Lenovo x280 i5 6200U 2C/4T, 8GB ram, 500GB ssd, WIN10. Runs alright.

    If you load up to 8 to 16GB of RAM and an SSD you'll be fine.

    • thats reassuring. thank you

  • I've also ran a Lenovo x280 with 8GB RAM in the past. It is okay for MS word, basic coding and web browsing in general.

    You might want to consider if you will need to use Microsoft Teams or other memory hogs. I found it impossible to use Teams as well as run other things in the web browser concurrently. Like the above I would recommend getting 16GB RAM.

    • Yeah Im looking for just basic day to day tasks with this laptop.

      If im in a situation i need teams or zoom I would be back at home with my gaming laptop which wouldnt have a problem.


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