360 S7 Robot Vacuum Replacement Battery

My first robot vacuum is starting to show signs of old age, Well, it's only been 16 months since i got it. It's run for 300 hours in total, if I assume 20 mins per charge that's 900 cycles.

Anyway, recently, it's just started dying in the middle of a clean. It doesn't seem to attempt to return to base due to low battery level. I assume the battery gas degraded enough that it's just not reading charge right.

I've found about one place that sells it, from the US. I'm hoping for something a bit more local? Anyone else had to source one?


  • you can try https://www.robotspecialist.com.au/.

    But from my personal experience, 360 robots aren't as durable as roborock or xiaomi. My first xiaomi mi robot (V1) bought in 2017 worked like a tank for more than 3 years before the battery needed replacing. And it's still tanking around now. Where as my 360 S7 robot bought in Dec 2019 had its drive wheel broken - 1 of the wheels crumbled to bits of plastics pieces - after 16 months. Will stick with roborock in my future purchase.

    • Ah that's a shame. I'm getting my second 360 bot so we'll see how that goes in terms of longevity. Mine's still in one piece apart from the battery.

      I've perused that site with no luck but I guess I could send them an email. Cheers.