Dreame D9 or Viomi V2 Pro

Looking to buy the first robot cleaner before my second is due. Wondering if anyone using the above models? Are they easy to use? How's the vacuum and mopping performance? Any issues with the app control? Originally looking to buy a roborock S5 max but looks like its price is still rock solid high even S7 came out.

Thanks in advance


  • Creative Username, how'd you come up with it?

    • They wanted Gggggggggodric but it sounded silly so went with Ggggggggg.

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      Faulty keyboard. Simple.

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      Hahaha good question. I actually don't remember how I came up with this name. Just a random selection I guess

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        Just a random selection I guess

        By random, did you mean you fell asleep for 3s whilst typing?

        • Password might just be as “secured” 🤔

  • C) Ozbargain's trusty Roborock s5max/s6 pure/S7

    • roborock is preferred ?

  • I have the Viomi V2 Pro.
    Vacuum: decent for tiled areas, not great for carpet even on super low pile. I find it picks up a reasonable amount of dust but small visible things on the ground such as paper gets pushed around.
    Haven't used the mop function.
    The app control is reasonable, you can set boundaries and areas to vacuum as well as timed vacuuming. It doesn't always work when outside of the house (not sure why)

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

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    Avoid the Dreame D9. Still has mapping issues, mopping function has started to leak a lot of water, cant seem to control the output of water and Gearbite (where I purchased mine) doesn’t refund if device is over 6 months old.

    • Thank you for sharing.. Looks like dream do came onto market before the development fully completed.

      • I have no mapping issues with my dreame d9.
        Would not even consider the roborock s5 max when the dreame d9 is so cheap.

  • +3

    Love my S5 max purchased on a recent Kogan deal

    Vacuum is great, mopping works well on our wooden floors and the robot is crazy smart

    • Will keep an eye on S5 max deal. So regret I missed out two deals on it!

  • I recently bought a Viomi V2 Pro. What elBarato said pretty much sums it up, although mine picks up small bits of paper - guess it depends on how big the paper is. Half my place is floorboards. Works well for that. I use a normal vacuum for the carpet. You can also place it in a room and let it run without using the mapping function.

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