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1000 ER Pts on $50 Ultimate Home, Student, Kids, Teens or Swap Food, Adventure, Celebration (eBay), Entertainment @ Woolworths


Ultimate Home, Student, Kids, Teens or Swap Food Delivery, Adventure & Leisure, Celebration, Entertainment Gift Cards†

Also earn 2000 bonus points on $100 Gift Cards.

Earn 1000 Everyday Rewards Bonus points (Worth $5) when your purchase any $50 Ultimate Home, Student, Kids, Teens or Swap Food Delivery, Adventure & Leisure, Celebration, Entertainment Gift Cards†

Collect 2000 points to get $10 off a future shop.

May not be available in all stores. Colours, sizes and styles may vary by store. While stocks last.

Offer available on all denominations of pictured gift cards from 26/5/21 to 1/6/21. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions. While stocks last.

Gift Card Participating Retailers
Ultimate Home JB HI-FI, Dusk, Freedom, Barbeques Galore, House, Amart Furniture & The Good Guys
Ultimate Students Typo, City Beach, EB Games, Boost, JD Sports, Foot Locker, Zing, Puma, Cotton On, General Pants Co & Kathmandu
Ultimate Kids Smiggle, JB HI-FI, Rebel, Cotton On Kids, Kingpin, Dymocks, Zone Bowling, Timezone & Toyworld
Ultimate Teens Rebel Sport, JB HI-FI, Boost Juice, City Beach, Kingpin, Zone Bowling, Timezone, Grill’d & Ripcurl
Swap Food Delivery Deliveroo, Youfoodz, Marley Spoon, Dinnerly, Rashays, EASI
Swap Adventure and Leisure Accor, Webjet, Drummond Golf, Sofitel, Novotel, ibis, Adrenaline, Anaconda
Swap Celebration Sephora, eBay, The Iconic, ASOS, Dymocks, Foot Locker, Barbeques Galore, City Beach, Subway, Lorna Jane, Deliveroo, Red Balloon
Swap Entertainment Xbox, Hoyts, EB Games, Binge, Kayo Sports & Adrenaline

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  • Any limit per rewards card?

    • 10 per transaction usually

      • +4

        and will you get 10,000 points for 10 cards per purchase?

    • 10 per transaction but you can do multiple transactions.

      • So I could buy as many as I wanted as long a it is in separate transactions?

        • Also are there any issues using more than 15 to buy an iPhone from jb hifi?

        • +1

          Yes, you can buy as many as you want and get the bonus points each time.

  • Nice 👍

  • +3

    They need to make one accepted at all these stores, maybe call it the EFTPOS card.

    • Just do it like lunar new year. Red pocket and then put cash inside.

    • +1

      Prepaid EFTPOS cards do exist. They come with a $5.95+ fee.

    • There's an even better
      Only1 prepaid visa gift card which can literally be used anywhere.

      So for $500 card you pay $7.95 fee

      • True, except website balance check doesn't work, so you have to call to hear it.

        • +1

          It works for me the second time I check it, so first time doesn't work then click on register card, then back to balance check.
          And this time it will work

          • @USER DC: Where on these cards is the pin? Got one. Can't use the bugger.

            • +2

              @justtoreply: pin ??

              To use card in-store, You swipe card, select CREDIT, PIN = blank (aka press the green/enter button)

              It says it on the card,
              So basically swipe it up/down, then in credit, pin is nothing,

              • @USER DC: Thanks! lol. I read the card.. or so I thought.. but clearly I failed hard. Will check the card again when I'm home.

                Have you ever used paypass with this card?

                • @justtoreply: Not sure what you mean by paypass but I have used this card on EBay, Woolworth, belong, Bunnings and other grocery stores

                  • @USER DC: Paypass being where you tap the card onto the in-store terminal and there's no need for selecting an account or entering a pin if the transaction is < $100

                    • +1

                      @justtoreply: From what you are saying i think you mean tap and pay or payWave.
                      And no you cannot do a payWave with this card, YOU MUST INSERT Card to make payment

            • +1

              @justtoreply: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE CARD WITHIN like a certain hours of buying it. Give it some time for activation, or else VISA may think someone trying to fraud the card before activation.

              ^^It also says this on card ^^^.

              I'd say give it at least 6 hours

  • Yea more EBay gift card

  • can I use credit card to buy these gift cards without cash advance fees and interest?

    • +3

      Yes. Why would you think this involved a cash advance?

      • -3

        In the T&C, the bank classifies gift card as cash advance

        • +1


        • +1

          Even Woolies own Credit Card yields 2 pts per dollar spent on giftcard purchase. You think too much.

          Cash advance wont generate any reward pts with any banks.

  • +4

    Ultimate Gift Cards cannot be used online

  • Stupid question…

    Can I use one of these EB gift cards to buy a Nintendo eShop gift card from EB?

    I.e. use a gift card to get a different gift card

    • I've had luck doing that in the past, they don't seem to mind in store what the payment method is, from my experience at least.

    • Yes at JB Hi-Fi; use them to get Google Play gift cards

    • +1

      From what others say maybe it’s fine in this case, but just adding that there are definitely some stores where they won’t let you buy gift cards with gift cards (including Woolworths). Officeworks also won’t allow you to buy postage stamps with gift cards.

    • can confirm that I've also converted the ultimate gift card to an EB gift card with no issues.
      that way you can use it online.

      • Do you just go in and buy a gift card as well?

        • Yeah essentially. Used my ultimate teen to swap to an eb gift card.

  • +1

    I think I know the answer this. The 2% Zip promo at the moment, states no groceries. I assume that means no benefit for purchases at Woolworths or Coles full stop. Does anyone see this different or is this the way it is ?

  • -1

    Isn't this 15% of at Coles right now? Works out to be $7.50 off.

    • +2

      Are you sure they are the same card?

    • +1

      Only his and her and food at coles

  • +1

    I can’t see the “$100 gift cards get 2000 points” anywhere in the catalogue. Just want to make sure that it indeed is the case.

    • +1

      From the T&Cs

      Offer available on all denominations of pictured gift cards.

      Bonus points are usually scaled, so it would be 2000 points for $100 Gift Card.

      • +6

        Just called up (1300 101 234) and confirmed the offer includes 2000 points in the event of a $100.00 GC purchase. Additionally, the lady confirmed a limit of 10 per purchase, and reluctantly confirmed there is no limit to the amount of transactions. Reluctant in so far as; she didn’t think I was acting in the spirit of the promotion but conceded I was not doing the wrong thing and the promotion would be honoured.

        • +3

          further confirmation here

          Town Hall woolies

        • What if I buy 10 x $100 Swap GC within one transaction, do I earn 20000 points or only 2000 points?

          Or can I do 10 separate transactions, buying 1 x $100 Swap GC each time, and earning 2000 points for ten times which is 20000 points overall?

  • -2

    Can we purchase these with woolies gift cards?

    • Big no…

  • Are these purchased in store only or online too?

    • +1

      I believe GC has always been in-store only

  • awesome….equivalent to almost 10% off…..maths gurus probably gonna say it's about 9.xx% off in fact.
    hopefully points can stack with multiple gift cards purchase and multiple transactions….

    • +2

      It was changed recently, so you can't use the points on gift cards.

      From the Everyday Rewards T&C's Point 28:

      Everyday Rewards dollars cannot be enjoyed on purchases made in-store or Online for all smoking products, gift cards (including Woolworths WISH Gift Cards, e-gift cards and iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges, donations, lottery products, Carpet Care, Pre-Order Kiosks, BIG W Photos, BIG W eBay, lay-by-fees and purchases using a StarCard or AmpolCard, a Country Age Pension Fuel Card or on a charge account.

  • +1

    Just saw in Woolworths they have an Ultimate teens card labelled “$20 to $500” meaning you can pick the value. So if they’re included I wouldn’t expect them to last long.

    Has anyone ever bought one of those during this deal before?

    • If you got a $500 ultimate teens card would you get the 10,000 points with it?

      • Yes.

    • +4

      Variable load cards are usually excluded from the promotion.

  • Are swap gift cards only instore? Sorry could not find where to get them online

    • +2

      Ultimate and Swap Gift Cards are only available in-store at Woolworths.

      • Ah now it makes sense. Thank u

      • Do they sell GC in metro stores?

        • Nope.. I can confirm that as I have close by and they don't have GCs at all.

  • Just tried to buy 10 and they get the manager in and have a chat with you questioning whether you haven't been scammed.

    I say I just want to buy an iphone from JB hifi making the most of the promotion. Then they say oh that won't work, I say yes it will it's in the catalogue and it came up when I scanned it. Then it got declined for some reason. I thought it was because I had already purchased something before and I have a $1000 limit but have since checked and I think I have a $5000 limit but will have to check with the bank.

    So annoying!

    • +2

      I used to get asked a ton of questions when buying steam gift cards from EB Games, generally bought around 5 at once. Now I only get asked when it's new staff.

  • What’s the highest or average discount on JBHIFI we’ve seen on OzB? Is the 10% worth it or is there usually 15-20%? Looking to buy an iPhone 13 and not sure if it’s better to get it from eBay (stacked with possible discounts + 10% off GC’s) or JB 10% off

    • you have a limit of cards for ebay though

    • +1

      yeah that is true. but might work out better if ebay has like 20% off on the seller with iphones, even if the max is 7x $100 ebay codes at 10% off along with the 20% off

  • Can you purchase these with a pre paid Visa cards?

    And if so can you stack payment methods? I have a $100 and $50 prepaid Visa card can I buy $500 of these in one transaction using the pre paid Visa and then my debit card for the balance?

    • you can definitely pay with prepaid visa card but not sure about split payments.
      last time I tried to do that, they didn't allow it because of woolies gift card.

    • Yes you can, just dont make it look dodgy (that is paying like with more than 7 cards or something)

  • Got over $3000 worth. Going to get another $400 tomorrow if available.

    Was a bit of a headache convincing staff I wasn't being scammed but worked out in the end and discounts have come through.

    Now just to go and buy the stuff from jb.

    • You bought in 3 transactions or 10 gift cards each time?

      • I did it in about 5 transactions in the end over two stores. Couldn't find all $100 vouchers so had to put through 10 $50 vouchers through as I think it's a 10 card limit.

  • Can you use woolworths egift card to purchase these?

    • +2

      Can't use Gift Card to purchase Gift Cards.

  • Sh** accidentally bought food delivery one can't refund it

    • ohh noooo :((

      • yea wanted to get 10, picked up 10 card from the rack somehow 1 of the cards turned out to be Swap Food Delivery one and me being so stupid only noticed once getting in the car.

        I guess i'll be stuck for waiting for cashback deal from SHOPBACK/CASHREWARDS on YouFoodz, /Deliveroo / Dinnerly

        On the other hand make me feel like i got the $100 card as a free from the $100 Rewards points Bonus

    • +2

      They do look close in colour.

  • +2

    Used around 30 odd to purchase iPhone from Jb.
    Sales assistant was simply lovely and happy to process my sale. Top marks for JB Collonades Noarlunga SA.

  • Which card can I use to purchase a $20 iTunes card to use for App Store purchases ?

    • None of these card offers iTunes Gift Card.

      • +1

        They can use the cards that work at JB Hi-Fi to buy iTunes gift cards there but then they'd have money left over after buying said $20 iTunes gift card.

        • Oh true. Wasn't sure if JB Hi-Fi still let you purchase Gift Cards with Gift Cards.

          • +2

            @RichardL: Technically it's EFTPOS ;) I haven't had someone say no to me yet when buying my Google Play credit. Obviously you don't tell them it's a gift card; just say savings

  • Purchased 2 iPhones for parents and new washing machine with this deal.

    Greatly appreciated. Now I have $450 to spend on my everyday rewards card.

    • Purchased 2 iPhones

      your tree grows money man.

      • The iPhones were for my parents they hadn't purchased a new phone for at least 8 years I think.
        I don't know why they want the new one but I suppose I figure they will not be buying another one for another 8 years.

        I said to them if they are going to waste that sort of money I need to get some sort of deal for them.

  • Did anyone try to buy the gift cards from the machine instead of the counter and split payments to make them under $100?

    My store required the gift cards to be bought from the counter and they’re always busy so I was not comfortable asking them to do the split for me.

    • I did both, why did you want to do a split?

      • So I could use the HSBC card with 2% cash back for under $100 transactions.

        • +1

          I'd say you would be able to, might be a little odd doing $99 transactions but I'd give it a shot.

  • Do you still get bonus points if we buy these gift cards at self checkout?

    • Yep, can confirm myself.

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