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[VIC] 500 Free Burritos at Mad Mex Doncaster on Thursday May 27 - Thursday June 3 (Facebook Messenger and Mad Mex App Required)


A new Mad Mex outlet has opened at Westfield Doncaster and from Thursday May 27 to Thursday June 3, they are giving away 500 free burritos but there are a couple of hoops to jump through to obtain it.

1: Press “View Deal” to view the ad in Facebook.
2: Click the ad and use the automated Facebook Messenger chatbot for Mad Mex to obtain a voucher code. (See extra instructions in comments below if you can’t get this to work)
3: Enter the voucher code into the Mad Mex app (Download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store) by going to Account > Redeem a Voucher.
4: Attend the Doncaster restaurant on Thursday, order a regular burrito, have the staff scan the barcode in the app and tell them you want to use your voucher.

You can still order your burrito with additional cost extras, you just have to pay for those extras.

Update: You now have 8 days to redeem your free burrito due to the grand opening event being delayed.

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  • I clicked the ad to open the bot. But how do you get the voucher after that?

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      Looks like Facebook is being fussy loading the chatbot. I found that saving the link (press the 3 dot button), going to your “saved” section of Facebook, clicking the 3 dots next to the saved Mad Mex ad, pressing “View Original Post” then clicking the ad seems to work

      • Thanks. However once I save the link you posted it only gives me the option to "unsave". Nothing about view original post when I click it. Tried a few different browsers and still didn't get it working :(

      • Works iOS app

        • Got it working in the app eventually. Couldn't do it in the browser.

    • Type in "Free Burrito"

  • Any idea how to access the ad? I can’t find it through the above link on my iPhone

  • Due to the recently announced COVID 19 cases in Melbourne, we have decided to postpone our Grand Opening Day event.

    Don't worry though, you can still use your free Burrito voucher at Mad Mex Doncaster! We've also extended when you can use your voucher.

    You can now grab your free Burrito any day from Thursday 27 May - Thursday 3 June 2021.

    • I had this message on Facebook too BUT the voucher in the app expired on the Thursday instead of being extended. Super disappointing.

  • I'm getting " This Content Isn't Available Right Now
    When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted"

    • Looks like they have stopped running the ad due to the grand opening event being postponed. You can try messaging them on Facebook Messenger by typing "Free Burrito" but if that doesn't work, looks like no more vouchers.

  • Has anyone had any luck redeeming beyond Thursday of last week?
    Says expired in my vouchers on the app, but messages as of last week say it can still be redeemed - so I am not sure how the store will process it.