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Win 1 of 3 Prizes of a Purple iPhone 12 & Double Cashback for 12 Months (Requires $20 Purchase, $2349 Value Each) @ Cashrewards



Closing Date 31/05/2021
Draw Date 09/06/2021


Description 3x Purple iPhone 12, 3x Double Cashback for 12 Months
No. of Prizes 3
Total Prize Pool $7,047.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Number of Purchases
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership, Purchase

Three Cashrewards members can each win a Purple iPhone 12 & double cashback for a whole year. Submit your details (initial registration is simply that - your intent to enter the comp), then make a purchase of $20 or more (including GST, excluding shipping) to have an active entry. Every $20 purchase thereafter gives you a further entry (no need to re-submit details). Good luck!

Edit 31/05/21 - The competition terms on the main landing page incorrectly stated $20 spend requirement excluding GST, and excluding shipping. This has since been corrected to $20 including GST, and excluding shipping. The terms on the blog page have always been correct. Thank you.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4606)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • TA. Once I enter my details I will get 1 entry without spending any thing is this correct. AFTER if I spend $20 or more than I get another entry?

    • Hi. The initial registration is simply that - your intent to enter the comp. You need to make a purchase of $20 or more to have an active entry. Every $20 purchase thereafter gives you a further entry (no need to re-submit details). Hope this clears it up :)

      • Ahh ok so once registered then only then I need to spend $20 or more to have one entry and every $20 after will get me another entry?

        Assuming it will work with this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/625548? I spend $50 on the gift card. Yes I have registered before buying the GC :)

        • Yep :)

  • Does a purchase of $20 or more form the cashrewards gift card portal qualify you for an entry eg a $50 Coles egift card?

    • Sure does. A $20 purchase from any store on Cashrewards will qualify you :)

  • Thanks, it's been a while since I entered a comp.

  • Thanks TA. Is the $20 before/after GST?

    Looking to make several spends at chemist Warehouse and each item I want is $20 on the dot, so just wondering if it's okay to put them through as separate transactions.

    • +3

      Hi. As per the terms:

      $20 min spend excludes shipping and GST.

      Smart thing to do of course is to make separate transactions, but please remember to generate a new click each time :)

    • +1

      They made a mistake. GST is included.

  • +2

    Damn, I just purchased the $50 Coles gift card before I entered this competition 😞

  • After I entered the details, got redirected to the same page again with no confirmation message. Is that how it's designed? How do I know I've registered successfully?

    • +1

      When you click 'Enter now', you will see this before being redirected to our shop page.

      • ok I dont think I saw that, got redirected right way. Can/Should I register again?

        • Probably best to. You may have some weird plugin installed that's stopping the 'popup'. Please try registering again via an incognito tab and let me know how you go. Thanks!

          • @tightarse: thanks TA, it worked now with incognito. Time to go shopping!

            • @macr0hard: Enjoy :)

              • @tightarse: sorry, 1 more question TA. If I shop at say Amazon and activate CR, but my item doesnt earn me any cashback (due to the category), will I still get an entry?

                • @macr0hard: Unfortunately not. Purchase of $20 or more needs to generate cashback.

  • Just spent almost $40 earlier 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • So buying a $50 GC from the current CR promo gives us 2 entries yeah? or 2 different transactions needed (or more)?

    • +1

      One entry. Every new transaction of $20 or more gets you another entry.

      • Thanks, that's a fast reply.
        Just wanted to check.

        • +1

          All good :)

  • "Every $20 purchase thereafter gives you a further entry"

    Do you mean any $20+ purchase gives you only ONE entry?
    Otherwise I read this as a single $100 purchase giving you 5 entries..

    • Do you mean any $20+ purchase gives you only ONE entry?

      Yes, see TA's reply to question above.

  • Winners announced yet?

    • +1

      Yep. See near the bottom of this link. In the process of notifying them as we speak :)

      • Any of the winners OzBargain members?

        • Not sure how we'd know, unless they commented here?

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