Xbox Game Pass Brazil VPN Trick

For those that know about this, does it still work?

I'm talking about going on CDKeys, buying 12 months of Xbox Gamepass Gold for Brazil, using a Brazil VPN then logging into your Xbox account online to redeem the code.

Just want to make sure MS haven't fixed the exploit before I tell my friend to go ahead with it.


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    Still works.

    They have recently changed the EA -> gamepass conversion rate so don't do that. But gold is the same

    • What about conversion from Gold to Ultimate?

      My mate wanted to get Forza Horizon 4 but looks like it's only on Gamepass Ultimate.

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        yeah that still works as long as you don't have an active gamepass account.

        Alternatively get local xbox live from jb for $80 a year. More than brazil but less stuffing around

        • Only problem is the JB one is Gold and not Ultimate. Or do you mean buy the JB Gold for $80 then do the $1 conversion to Ultimate?

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            @cosmokram3r: yep. more expensive than brazil but much cheaper than buying local gamepass. and no need for vpn's

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    Did it yesterday, 3 more years then one month of ultimate game pass for a total of 3 years ultimate gamed pass

    • Once my friend redeems the Xbox Gold gamepass code into his Xbox account, is that when you switch off the VPN and go to to convert it to Ultimate for $1 per month? or is it $1 total? What's the sequence you need to do it in?

      • yes. If he has not redeemed games pass ultimate before it should be $1. Mine came up as full price as I had already redeemed the before. I got an email saying $1 but when I tried to redeem it it came up as full price

        • I just screwed up I think. I redeemed the Brazil code when I already redeemed it and instead of being $1 to convert to ultimate its $16 a month.

          am I screwed and I need to make a new Microsoft account and buy another Brazil code and convert it? so I just wasted $60?

  • Anyone searching this up more recently (like me), this still works! Bought via mtcgame, did order brazil but they sent over turkey, no dramas just need to set your vpn to turkey (surfshark worked fine). Prices linked to exchange rate but cost me $135.43 for 3 x 12 month codes including payment fees, paid directly with credit card. Codes came through in just under 10mins. Only difference vs the past deals posted here is that there doesn't seem to be a recurring payment option when redeeming the codes, it just says 12months gold will be added and you click confirm x 3. Disconnect vpn and it'll be $1 to do the upgrade to ultimate. Whole thing done in under 20mins.

    $136.43 all up for 36 months or $3.79/mo, not a bad saving at all.

  • On a side note, does Microsoft region-lock games in its store? So I can't VPN to Argentina, buy a cheap game in Argentinian Pesos, and add it to my account to play here in Australia?

    • you would need to change your xbox region to argentina to download the purchase. then you could play it when you changed region back.

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    mtcgame = complete and utter pain in the arse.

    Order completed quickly enough, but then came requests for selfies with my credit card, my "ID card", then my passport(!) and this was AFTER they verified my email address and mobile number. All for AUD93.00 paid via Google Pay and MasterCard SecureCode.

    How many red flags do you need? Even TrustPilot now notes (at 23Jul21):



    Dear Trustpilot users

    We’ve detected that this company’s use of the Trustpilot brand is misleading. The company is not displaying the most up to date ratings, TrustScore or reviews on their website at Transparency is something we take very seriously. We’ll therefore continue our efforts to safeguard the integrity of the platform and our community, and we’ll inform our users when we uncover attempts of misuse.

    • CDKeys is the only real relatively reputable grey-seller. Eneba maybe moving up the ranks. Rest wouldn't spend $0.99 at.

      • Thank you. I relied-on the herd for guidance and it landed me at MTCGame. Rookie error!

      • i consistently use Offgamers. not fo price but when something isn't available on CDkeys,

      • Have bought a couple of games with Eneba, very slick and no issues so far.

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    Hey guys, has anyone tried this in the last few days?
    I've heard mixed reports.