Village Cinemas VRewards "Changes" ("We want to give you the heads up")

Slightly ominous (but welcome!) email received 12 days ago:

There are going to be some changes to Vrewards points redemption and reward items.

Keeping our Vrewards members informed is important to us, which is why we are letting you know that points required to redeem a number of rewards and items will be updated next month.

We encourage you to redeem your Vrewards points now to take advantage of the current points redemption structure and reward items on offer.

Further information regarding the update will be provided in the coming weeks.

Thanks for being a Vrewards member, and see you at the movies!

Haven't been to the movies since the before times - apparently I'd racked up 7.6k points.

What do we think the best use would be before the implied devaluation?

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    Yeah i got this also. Kinda odd that they just dont say up front what the changes will be? I had 5.5k points. Spent 3k tonight on a deluxe combo pack for the kids. Was planning on going to see Quite place 2 this weekend but suspect we will most likely get dropped into a lockdown from tomorrow night in Vic so that may not happen now.

  • Looks like I will be redeeming some popcorn nice.

    • Popcorn + Forum Threads = Win

  • Strange – I didn't receive this email 🤔
    I guess I can't redeem it now that lockdown is happening for the next week 😂

    • Just duck into a Village and grab it over the counter. I did last night. Might do it again tonight to use up the rest of my points

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    I haven’t noticed any change in rewards redemption, am I missing something?

  • Cinemas have reopened now and has anyone else noticed that using a movie voucher is not adding to the Vrewards points? I watched Shang-Chi and Free Guy over the weekend and used movie vouchers for both movies and my Vrewards points did not go up. Before the lockdown it would always increase.

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