[NSW] Electrolysis Hair Removal 15 Minutes $30 @ Complete Skin Care Revesby


Experiencing ingrown hairs, troublesome, annoying or pesky unwanted hairs?

Have you tried Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is a safe way to permanently remove unwanted hairs individually by destroying the hair root and blood supply with an electric current.
Treatment areas include the eyebrows, sides of face, chin, neck, hairline, abdomen, thighs, back, bikini line, chest and legs.

Price list

5 Minutes - $20

10 Minutes - $25

15 Minutes - $30

20 Minutes - $35

25 Minutes - $40

30 Minutes - $45

Electrolysis advice:
It’s less painful than a blood test.
If you’ve never tried Electrolysis before book in for 5 minutes to see how you go.
Do not scratch or use any exfoliator on the areas where the hair was removed.
Apply Aloe Vera Cream or anything soothing to the area as required.
The area is first cleansed and a disposable needle is used every treatment.

With over 30 years of experience and proven results at an affordable price.

To book call Ella Bache Complete Skin Care Revesby on 9771 4285 or message Complete Skincare Revesby on Facebook

2c/2 Marco Ave, Revesby NSW 2212

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    I appreciate you are trying to promote your business but what is the bargain here?


      If you compare the prices to other places offering electrolysis
      The bargain is the affordability.
      Other places charges 35 dollars for 5 minutes.