Need Advice to Transfer Wish eGift Card


I bought $500 Wishcard from Pegasus group Australia (long story, but I got the giftcard).

Instead of receiving the egiftcard from woolworth directly, someone from pegasus send me the link to the egiftcard, which means he knows the giftcard number and the pin.

Is there a way for me to change this egiftcard to a physical giftcard? Happy to change the giftcard to Woolworths even Caltex giftcard.



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    Go to Bigw Buy a $500 plus TV, then take it back, they will then refund that back to a new gift card.



      But make sure they refund you back in wish giftcard (ie woolworths group stores) and not big w giftcard (ie big w only)


      Seems like a hassle, when woolies customer support will sort it out over the phone.

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    You can phone up woolworths customer support.

    They'll post you a physical card or just issue you a new digital card.