Would You Give a Bad Review for a 5 Star Business?

Hi guys, the usual long time lurker and first time poster.

I've recently purchased a house and after contacting many conveyancers, only one got back to me and actually sent me the documents to sign up for their services. I must mention that I'm very awkward on the phone and sound like I have no idea what I'm doing (which I don't) so that may be off putting to deal with for some people.

This business has a lot of good reviews and by the looks of it are all genuine. It has over 50 5 stars reviews and not one lower. All seem genuine as they have other reviews for other businesses. Most reviews thanked specific members of the team even the one looking after me.

I have had many sleepless nights as they lack in communication. I have sent several emails and they did not get back to me at all. I sent an email a couple of weeks back asking them if they have received my ID verification papers after I went to AusPost for them to verify. I also specifically asked the conveyancer if I needed to do anything else when I sent in all my settlement docs. At first I thought my emails weren't going through but she replied straight away when I asked if a name being misspelled on a document was an issue. Additionally, I have sent them my loan documents and asked them to explain to me a couple of things as I was very confused and overwhelmed with the sheer amount of documents I had to provide. They have also yet to reply. I'm just shocked that they have not even sent a response to several of my emails clearly asking for assistance. Most reviews mentioned 'prompt with responses', 'reassured me all the way'.

I'm just not happy with the service and I would like to vent my frustrations and give them a bad review but I may be overreacting. Am I wrong here?

TLDR: Conveyancer not replying to my questions, not happy with service and they have all 5 stars reviews. Would you give a bad review and ruin their streak? (I feel bad)

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    If the service was unreasonably bad, then I would leave a bad review. The key word here is unreasonably, and I'd say not responding to a whole range of emails is pretty poor. However, this should not detract from your review of the rest of the place. If everything else about them is 5 star, maybe you should leave a 3 or 4 star review and note within it that you subtracted 1 (or 2 stars) based on their terrible communication. I.e outline that their communication was 1/5, but everything else was 5/5, or something like that




    If in doubt do nothing


    Have you also tried following up with a phone call, after you sent an email? I can't infer whether you have or not. As email alone is a passive form of communication and usually not a very good way to communicate if you require some dialogue with the other person.

    IMO, if there is something important, it is best to call people and if I can't reach them on the phone, I would then write an email to say couldn't get a hold of you, here is my question, etc…


    Whatever reviews the business have from other people are their opinion about the business. Your own review should not depend on others. Just be reasonable and share your experience with the business.

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    Sounds like you wanted your hand held throughout the process, thats not what a conveyancer does usually. As long as they do their job to the best of your knowledge then you should consider what you paid for and what they actually did. Seems to me that your expectations were set way too high.


    I have had many sleepless nights as they lack in communication.

    I think you may be the poor communicator. If an issue or question is that stressful to you then I suggest you call to discuss and resolve it asap. The conveyancers perform the same monotonous tasks day in day out and what is stressful to you is a non event to them.

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