Anyone Had A Pleasant Experience with ATO?

Is it even possible to have a pleasant experience with the ATO?

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Australian Taxation Office
Australian Taxation Office


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          Yeah, I'm totally against laziness too. For example, if you can't be arsed learning to spell then learn how to use a spell checker or there's a risk that everything you write will be viewed as the rantings of an ignorant fool.

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            @banana365: 1 sentence is a rant?

            also sorry about the bad gamma i didnt realise this was a peer reviewed study - i thought it was a casual forum asking about peoples thoughts on probably the most corrupt poorly run government organisation in Australia that i would reply to on my phone. Where I probably am not going to change or correct auto correct so some rando loser can feel better about her day.

            If you're offended by my position on the dole then i am happy because anyone who writes a response attacking someone personally without a constructive argument is clearly a bit of a moron and the people we need to weed out of society

            • @Trying2SaveABuck:

              anyone who writes a response attacking someone personally

              Yeah, that's not your style is it? You prefer to call everyone lazy with no evidence other than maybe a few personal anecdotes.

              • @banana365: Never did i call anyone 'lazy' for a gamma Nazi you clearly cant read…or attack anyone personally….i made a over-generalised comment not targeting anyone in particular.

                Where as you have attacked me personally - i think you need to go back to school or basic education not part of your 'style'?

    • Login to your myGov and download last years tax receipt - flip it over and look at the breakdown of WHERE your tax dollars actually went.

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        Do you trust the government to tell you how they are spending your money?

        That is like trusting the real estate agent when he says the property doesnt have a lot of interest the day before auction

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    ATO is great my advice is to call them. You won't actually get the ATO you will get some guy from SERCO paid minimum wage who is hounded to close cases as fast as possoible to keep his KPIs up.

    Simply give them a fair offer ask for payment plan or ask them to waive fees/fines if you pay right now.

    They will happily close your account asap.

  • Yep. They've mostly been professional and very helpful.

  • I accidentally paid my tax bill twice. 3 phone calls and 2 months later the money still hasn't been refunded to my account as per my request. Other than that, no complaints.

    • That doesn't sound pleasant at all

  • Yes great one. Missus worked there for 15 years. Was on a PBS Super fund. Took a package during Tony Abbott era. Got 100k payout and then took her super in a pension 380 a week for life.

    It's been a pleasure.