Virgin Increases Reward Seat Redemption Amount?

Did a few mock test bookings for sydney-queenstown and brisbane-queenstown for March and April 2022 and they're asking for 65-77k pts o/w? lolwhat?
When I crosschecked with the milage calculator they are 1205 and 1492 respectively which correspond to Zone 3 (1201-2400 miles) = 17,800pts o/w

Have they just inflated any trans-Tasman travel?
Why is it so variably different? (This cant be supply/demand as ive done all sorts of domestic and international test bookings)

Tried a syd-bne, for a number of random month bookings and they too are around 15k o/w

Has virgin inflated everything? This is the first time ivey looked on Virgin since covid so im just seeing if this point redemption ratio is normal?


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    Are they Velocity Rewards Seats? Sounds like they're not.

    And Sydney to Brisbane is 14.5K inclusive of taxes. If you don't want to pay 14.5K, you can use 7800 points and fork over $40 per flight


      How do you tell which are and arnt?
      Is there a way to access a list of what rewards seats are offered?


        It'll say Velocity Reward Seats when the currency is set as points. If there aren't any, it's like what @theoracle30 said; they've already been snapped up.

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    Reward Seats are clearly marked as 'Economy Reward' or 'Business Reward'.

    If you see 'Getaway', 'Elevate, 'Freedom, 'Business Saver' or 'Business', then those are not reward seats - rather that's cash flights priced in points at a poorer rate.

    Reward seats are set rate, so it will be 17,800 pts + taxes one way for those Queenstown flights. If that's not showing on your search, then unfortunately reward seats are not available on that flight - probably already snatched up by other cashed-up frequent flyers. Availability is very limited, especially to places like Queenstown.

    Do you have Gold or Platinum status by any chance? Those members can request reward seats to be opened up on specific flights with 6 months notice or something like that.


      Ah I see now. No im just a credit card recycler, but thats a good thing to know- that just for virgin?

      Interestingly, virgin say here that international reward seat redemptions are not available.

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        Then that's your answer

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          Thanks for answering, appreciate it. Have a great weekend :)

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        Oh yes, I forgot about that. That would be the likely explanation.


          Cheers for your replies, appreciate it. Have a great weekend.