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InfaSecure Visage Astra 2013 Convertible Booster Seat (6 Months to 8 Years) $210 (Was $255) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was searching for compact child seats with the highest CREP safety scores that will fit 3 across the back seat and found that the Infasecure Visage Astra ticked the boxes. It's only really suitable for toddlers and above as I'd not recommend front facing seats for children under 12-18 months.
This seat scored really well with 3.8/5 in front facing mode and 4.5 in booster mode see https://www.childcarseats.com.au/node/1242
It is also the tallest booster in Australia so should support most kids beyond 8yrs old subject to their height and weight.
I paid extra for the Aqua coloured one for my boys which is $259 https://www.amazon.com.au/Infa-Secure-Visage-Convertible-Boo...

But if you have a girl or don't mind purple, $210 is a steal.

If you don't need to fit 3 seats across then go for the Infasecure Rally II as it's cheaper ($149 at Big W) and equally as safe.

This seat beats the safety scores of the Britax Safe n sound Graphene which is a popular compact seat and it's also nearly a third of the price.

On a separate note (since this seat doesn't have ISOFIX) another fact I discovered is that ISOFIX tested to be safer ONLY for front facing modes and performed WORSE than seat belt fixture mode for rear facing on the Graphene. Very interesting fact to research on especially if you're considering ISOFIX for rear facing modes. This applied to the Graphene which is another seat I also have.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Please correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't a booster seat for 5 years and above ?

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      Normally yes. Around 4+. But this one is a convertible booster so can be used, technically, from as early as 6 months. Though personally I would keep the Bub rear racing as long as possible. And use something like this from 18-24 months onwards (depending on size of Bub)


    I've got the rally II - find it a PITA to get tight enough (there's a seam on the strap that catches on a nook underneath).
    Need a second toddler seat for the other car, interested how this goes with tightening.


      I have the Mother's Choice Spark Convertible Booster Seat and it has the same problem. I guess they're cheaper for a reason. I was actually going to return mine and get the Rally II but reading your comment got me increasing my budget.


    This isn't comparable to the Graphene. The Graphene is a convertible from newborn.

    Also iso-fix is a must for me nowadays - it removes a lot of the risk of incorrect installation.

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      i think isofix is not on booster seats?


        Hence it's not remotely comparable to the Graphene.


      Do a search on the CREP site. Only good ones I've found for Infasecure are the Rally II, Visage, Quattro Astra/Attain Premium. There might be others though.


    Is this actually slim? I’m trying to find something slimmer than my current seats which are 37cm at the base… and this seat is 44cm at the base?

    There really needs to be some kind of “here are 3 seats that fit together” package haha. Trying to figure this out is a nightmare.


      Oh you probably won't find anything? The Graphene might be a bit more compact so check that. I'm going to use two Visage and a Graphene in rear facing for a newborn.


    What does 2013 mean in the product title?


      Yeah it's confusing. The product was added in 2019. I think it's confused with the model number. Will advise when I get it delivered on Wednesday


        Have you go idea recliner better or this one


      Got mine yesterday. Both built October 2020. So not old stock


        Can you confirm is that recliner or not thanks


          It has a very slight recline but it's based on a booster seat so different to how seats for 0 to 4yr Olds work.

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    Infasecure Spectrum Quantum Charcoal

    Recliner seat better or this one

    Anyone can guide please



    Can anyone else see the bored, worried, chubby baby in the design of the seat?