Fire Pits on decks recommendations


I have an elevated timber deck around an above ground pool and have been looking for ways to fit a fire pit there.

Do you guys have any experience or recommendation on what type of fire pit would be best and a product that you recommend?

I'm also wary of having it safely setup while also not making it ugly looking.

I have around 4x4m of empty space between the pool and the edge of the deck which is fenced with glass.

I'm open for suggestions.



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    I'm no expert but…none

    Gas heater?

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    If you're looking for something temporary the folding ones are good and you can get pieces to raise them and ash guards etc as well grills to cook on. That way you can pack it away for most of the year when it's not being used. Either way I'd recommend having a fire extinguisher near by just in case or you could end up with a very large fire pit.

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    A cantilevered pit might work, depending on the surround of the deck….


    Thanks guys, i like the idea of the cantilevered fire pit.

    Yeah gas heater is good for the heating though nothing beats the nice social atmosphere a fire pit gives.

    Im looking for a more permanent one, just trying to gather some ideas and see what people have tried.

    I've found also a few of those alcohol fire tables they would look very nice though they go for around $2,000 and I'm not sure about liquid alcohol for safety when refuelling.


    On behalf of your neighbours, dont do it


      Appreciate the concern for the neighbors though i've read the local council rules for fire pits BBQs etc and it's legal where I'm at for both heating or cooking.

      As long as I'm not bothering anyone with it and keeping it safe.

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    I’ve used a raised fire pit on our deck maybe 100mm off the ground, combined with some spare concrete roof tiles under and surrounding it.

    I’m due to redo the decking and considering placing a bit of fibre cement flooring where the fire pit might go.

    You’d want 1. Hose nearby 2. Air gap under the fire 3. Something fire resistant under to stop anything that drops out of the fire.