Cheap Ink Printer That Has Cheap Generic Ink Refills

Looking for a cheap colour printer with cheap generic ink refills. I use the printer maybe 2 times a month but would still like decent print quality. Not looking to spend more than $100 on a printer. Any recommendations?


  • Officeworks does the super cheap HP all-in-one printers every so often and picked up the HP 3630 for $18 few months ago.

    They come with sample inks and same as yourself, only really print out returns labels couple times a month and use the scanner which is great.

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    Inkjet printer are kind of like 1 ply toilet paper. You buy it once to save money, but realise you need to use twice as much to get the same outcome. And it's fiddy to dispense. A poor experience from every angle.

    So you move to laser, complain once about the price, but printing no longer becomes an issue in your life.

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    Id say just buy a laser printer, the toner (ink) will last much longer. yes the colour one will cost more upfront but in the long run it's worth it.

    • What about the new "ink tank" inkjet printers? i wonder how they compare.

  • For the marginal extra cost (say $110 on Amazon) go for a Brother laser printer. For the extra layout at the start, you'll save a fortune in ink.
    I bought one when at uni and it was great

    • Which Brother laser printer did you get?

    • Seems they are all mono printers for that price point

  • Inkjet printers usually require regular use or you run the risk of the inks drying out. A budget Brother laser printer as suggested (around$110-) is monochrome only & without a scanner. The Brother multi-function laser may be a better investment long term?

  • A laser with cheap refills would be your best bet for $100.
    The Epson Ecotank is what we own. Extremely economical. But the upfront cost is a minimum $400.