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Free Shipping @ Boba Barista


Hello Oz Bargain Community,

We hope you're all safe and well.

Boba Barista is currently has a free shipping promotion so those who are in lockdown can get their bubble tea fix.

The promotion is open Australia - Wide.

Thank you for love and support <3

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Boba Barista
Boba Barista

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    Cant even offer 10%? Lmao it’s ozbargain not ozadvertising.

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      You can try their code WELCOME but that takes away the free shipping unless you spend over $69


        I guess that goes back to my point of if that’s a better deal, Op should list this in the post. Atm IMO there is no deal listed.

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      Hi Jimothy, we actually have a few discounts available which we haven't posted as we don't want to spam ozbargain.

      We plan on offering some great deals soon, however we're a new small business navigating the waters and seeing what our customers like. We find that a majority of customers prefer free shipping without a minimum spending limit. You'd have to spend $99.50 to get $9.95 off your total value or $69 for free shipping.

      Currently we are covering shipping expenses for this week as we wanted those in lockdown to be able to have something to look forward to while in lockdown. We've had a few people only order one item that cost $4.5 or $9.95 with the free shipping code. On average we pay $12-15 per order to our shipping partners so we actually don't make a profit on mosts orders, however we're happy to cover the cost as we know majority Victorians aren't able to work or have had their workload reduced.

      We also have a welcome discount for those who join our emailing list and a 10% discount for returning customers :) There's also a few secret codes floating around among communities and customers can always message us to find what codes are available.

      Boba Barista strives to provide high quality products with great value, and most importantly be there for our customers and make sure to make them smile through

      I will edit the post to include the current discount codes we have as well, thank you for your feed back. <3

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    Free shipping? Wow. Let me order 0.

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    Told all my friends…
    Exitcted ?


    edit: I'm blind

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    These prices are damn expensive.

    As a regular bubble tea drinker and I make myself bubble tea at home, these prices are way too high.

    I can buy 1KG powder per flavour for under $20 and your company is selling 500g for over $50!?

    And yes I am paying to an Australian company, not a wholesaler.

    These companies are ripping people off hard: bubbleteaclub, you and 123bubbletea….


      Can you please PM me where from, if they have taro flavour 😊


      Could you please link me the site too? Thanks!


      To be fair (not affiliated), these guys are selling tea bags instead of powder


        Which one?


          As in Boba Barista say they use real tea bags, while the links that @fchris provided are powder

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            @regretvoltaire: I looked at Boba Barista packages, they are selling powder. Taro, honeydew, Thai milk tea…. all powder which nearly all Bubble Tea places use.

            The teabags you're looking at, yes they are "tea" but it's not the flavoured powder or syrup retail uses to get that classic bubble tea drink. Sharetea, gumballs, gong cha, chat time etc…. all use flavoured powder then mixes in subtle tea flavours with it.

            Boba Barista is selling the flavoured powder for $24.95 for 500g whereas other companies are selling it for $18-$24 for 1KG


      At the moment bubble tea club is the biggest player in this market. They've had 2 million revenue since starting last year.

      This is my friend's business and I'm not really a part of the business, so whilst not totally impartial I can see it this way.

      Bubble Tea Club will charge you $54.95 for 20 serves of a Mango Fruit Tea Kit. Comes out to $2.75 per serve.

      Boba Barista however for a Mango Fruit Tea, will charge $29.95 for 16 serves. Comes out to $1.87 per serve.

      There is no 500g for over $50? I'm not sure where you see that. Most of the powders are 500g for $24.95 for milk teas. However it is just not a flavour powder there's non-dairy creamer in the milk teas, but I don't know that much about this. However most of the teas are fruit teas where in a kit as I listed, you get tea bags, a flavoured syrup and fructose included. That's more than just the powder flavouring for the fruit teas. It's not just a powder and you're done like you seem to imply on your home kit.

      Anyway, this is my friend's business and just my opinions, my thoughts don't reflect her company at all. These thoughts and comments are all my own.

      She is cheaper than the other home players in this market and cheaper than the $7-9 you'd pay for a bubble tea from a bubble tea shop.

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      Hello Hasher,

      We cater to those who want easy to make kits, without wanting to order bulk ingredients. Instead of paying $7 in store, customers only pay $1.6 so you still save $5.4 per drink. Our kits are also great for starters who are wanting to try bubble tea for the first time.

      Sunwide is an established wholesale distribution business, therefore they can afford to offer wholesale prices for their retail items. :)

      We're a new small business and do not rip our customers off. There will always be someone who is cheaper or more expensive alternative.
      Our prices factor in costs such as packaging, marketing, insurance, and many more business costs.

      Thank you for your feedback.