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Spinifex 75 cm Round BBQ Fire Pit $79 Free C&C @ Anaconda (Club Membership Required)


Received the email today

Introducing the Spinifex 75 cm Round BBQ Fire Pit. A great product for outdoor entertaining in winter.

High quality powder coated finish
BBQ grill cooking option

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    • What a quality product.

    • Thanks

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      That's a brutal photo. After looking at that hard to buy even if it was cheaper than this. The reviews are brutal too..

      Maybe there are hidden terms and conditions on the product that says don't use it with fire!

    • China exports some sh*t products.

      • you get what you pay

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          Agree, so this should be selling for $20 not $79.

          • @alidli: you can't even buy one for $79 from bunnings or other places

    • baby powder and cocoa coating

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    Funny… Dicksmith / Kogan have the identical product… Same price… Was going to buy… Thanks for the save… I think just dodged a bullet

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      Kogan purchased the Dicksmith name awhile back… so they the same thing. Sorry think you already know that. Ignore this

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        When Harry Met Harry…

  • Where can I get a good fire pit? Bunnings sells garbage at top dollar too. Half of those on display were broken.

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      Had 4 of this type of steel painted/ coated fire pits from Aldi/ Bunnings/ BBQ Galore, etc; each one has lasted around 12 months and ends up the same cos of the heat; and I empty, clean and cover them (with purpose-made cover) after each use.
      1st the mesh on the lid breaks down causing big holes, 2) paint goes from around the bottom half, so starts rusting in the bottom, 3) welding to leg brackets rusts through so legs fall off, 4) It looks such as state so can't be arsed to clean out the ashes, gets left on the lawn in the rain and after a week the base finally crumbles away.
      Rinse & repeat!

      But I am looking out for the stainless steel drum off a broken washing machine…been told they make great fire pits with the small holes and non-rusting metal.

    • Try Four Seasons Garden Centre in Belrose - https://fourseasonsnursery.com.au/firewood/firepits/

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