Transiting through an Australilan airport Perth-Sydney-Gold Coast - Covid questions

I am flying from Perth to the Gold Coast and am changing planes in Sydney to fly to the Gold Goast.

If Sydney suddenly goes into Covid restrictions, will I be able to travel straight to the Gold Coast? I am merely transiting? Or will this prevent me going to the Gold Coast.

Also does this affect my travel back to WA?


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    There's a lot of 'ifs' here and no definitive answer as anything can happen and/or be announced anytime. At the moment things are stable in Sydney. Good luck.


    Ring the QLD dept of health.

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    You are overthinking it OP.

    The situation may change daily, even hourly.

    Do your trip and if it happens it happens.


    Maybe yes…. Maybe no…. to each of your questions.

    as said it changes hourly.

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    Oz🔮 … … …

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    The various state governments change their definitions fairly regularly as the situation obviously changes rapidly. Often restrictions have come in after a flight has departed.

    Using the current situation in Victoria as an example… the Queensland government considered the Whittlesea LGA as the only hotspot on the 27th then changed it to all of Victoria on the 28th. They don’t consider someone transiting Melbourne airport to have been in the hotspot.

    WA considered all of Victoria a hotspot from 10am on the 27th. They include anyone who transited though Melbourne airport. In fact if your hypothetical PER-SYD flight diverted to Melbourne because of weather in Sydney, all the aircraft doors remained shut, but the aircraft got more fuel and continued to Sydney, the WA government would treat you as having been in the hotspot. (Their definition is the wheels touching the runway).


    Have a look at the QLD regulations, but I am sure you will be fine. Most states are ok with airport transits so long as you don't leave the airport.

    I flew to ADL thru Syd a month or so ago when there when was an outbreak in Syd (including the suburb the airport is in) and they were fine as it was only a transit.

    Similarly I drove through Syd at Xmas on the way to Qld and was fine as long as I only made essential stops in the affected areas.


    Sydney never goes into lockdown.


      Final destination is a different story.


    Travel with a face mask in case it is demanded - although airlines should provide them

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      Face masks are mandatory in all Australian airports and on planes


    You have to go off what the Airline staff + dept of health announcements/media. At the moment, there aren't many cases in NSW or QLD and borders are open in those directions. Gold Coast hasn't had too many lockdowns in 2021.