Business Laptop - Budget $1.5k

Hi there,

Kicking myself I hesitated on the Legion 5i as it seemed great value for money but thats in the past.

Basically looking for a 15' business laptop, not fussed on graphics card as don't think I'll game on it and have a 3080 in the PC.

  • Wanta a decent batter life
  • Good screen
  • Must have a number pad.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


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    Lenovo Thinkpad T series?

    • The ThinkPad T15 Gen 2 had me until its a soldered 8GB ram suprised the i5 outshines the i7's I've been looking at too. //just realised you can upgrade to 16GB for extra $90 but then ships within 10-12 wks bugga.

      • The i5 is more power efficient and better single core performance because it's the latest generatiaon but the last gen i7 kills it in multi-core applications

        • just curious, why when you overclock the cpu the overclock speed is only on one core?

          • @Triton: Pretty sure all cores have an increased frequency when you overclock a CPU.

  • Inspiron 15 5510 i7-11370G/16GB/512GB/on board graphic as budget option $1199 (EFOY)
    Screen isn't good (250nits, 45%NTSC), battery is only 4 cell 54 WHr but has a numpad and good config for the money

    Vostro 15 7500 i5-10300H/16GB/512GB/GTX1650 $1529 (EFOY)
    Has a numpad, screen is 300nits 60Hz IPS 100%sRCB colour gamut, only comes with 3 cell 56Whr battery but according to the manual, there is a 97Whr battery available for this model which unfortunately isn't listed as configurable option on the website, may be give them a call or order the part after market if you need longer battery life.

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