Custom Wall Art (Canvas Prints)

Looking to print some art on canvases and wasn't too sure what the best option was, or the go to ozbargain option was for people. Had a quick look on here but couldn't find anything recent.

Would appreciate any help or advice, thanks


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    have used catch of the day for photo books and canvas prints in the past

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    How big do you want to print and what's your budget?

    I've printed on canvas at Harvey Norman and it is terrible. HN canvas prints are far too dark and just generally low quality. I suspect that anyone else with cheap prints are likely to give you a similar low quality print job.

    I've printed from a dedicated print store (Fitzgerald Photo Imaging) and they are extremely high quality but far more expensive.

    If the art is going to hang on your wall for years to come and you have the money for it, I would recommend paying extra to get it printed at a dedicated print store or a camera store.

    I regret not printing them all from Fitzgerald's and will eventually replace the HN prints with prints from Fitzgerald's.

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    I've used Big W in the past and the canvas prints were good quality and 5+ years on they still look great.