Best 'Minimal' Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Hey Team,
Just looking for a wireless 'minimal' looking mechanical keyboard for my new setup. Been looking at the Keychron k8 but really would like to hear out your opinions about this keyboard as well as different suggestions on other ones.

Would be preferable to be 10 keyless, same layout at the k8, brown switches (Clicky, but quiet)

Thanks :)


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    (Clicky, but quiet)

    That's like saying "wet, but dry".
    There are 3 general types of switches: Clicky, linear and tactile.

    As for your question, what's your budget?
    You looking to get into the custom mech game?


      You can get a really nice minimal keycap set, the whole keyboard doesn't have to be 'minimal'.

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      He does specify in the post like Cherry Brown, which is a tactile switch.
      "Physical click, not audible click" is the quote that I've heard more than a couple of times.


    Get the Keychron - will be great

    I've got a Razer Blackwidow Lite which has been good but annoying as it doesnt have standard keycaps so thats a PITA

    I just moved to a 60% - do you really need the extra keys?


    I'll always recommend Keychron boards. Brown switches are a good choice. If there is a hot-swappable version available for a good price I would get that, as it will allow you to easily experiment with different switch types in the future, if this is something you think you might be interested in.


    Something to be very aware about before you buy; Keychron keyboards aren't built for wireless gaming, they say so on their own page in more marketing friendly terms ("light gaming").

    You will absolutely hate the input latency if you're buying it for FPS or competitive gaming, unless you're willing to plug it in every time you do anything more input-intensive than casual Minecraft.


    To echo comments above I really like my Keychron K1 cant comment on the gaming performance as haven't tried but I do enjoy typing on it.


    Logitech MX Keys?

    Not mechanical, but the best keyboard I've ever owned


      I caved and got one in the last deal since it seems to be an ozbargain favourite. My expectations r sky high…


    I have E-YOOSO Z88 Keyboard red Switches