Microsoft Office Renewal

G'day All!

Always have good recommendation from OzB so hope someone can help here, esp with EoFY Sale.
Our Microsoft Office Subscription is due very soon, after we got one from Seattle Microsoft office 2+years ago.
Looking forward to be inundated with ideas. Thanks in advance :-)


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    Are you eligible for the HUP Deal? That seems to be the best value currently if you are eligible.

    • Not quite sure but will have a proper read tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  • "Our"?

    Are you the CEO of a business that I should immediately recognise by your nickname?

    How many users are we talking about? Two? Three hundred?

    You won't be inundated with ideas if you don't provide more details.

    • I think they might be after a bargain on Microsoft Office 365 E5 with 10,000 seats…

  • Try calling a few Major retailers, and see if someone needs to reach their MS Office targets for that month

    • Thanks, shall ponder over this.

  • Do you use it at work? My work office 365 account allows me to activate MS office on my personal computer at home.

    It says I can install it on 5 computers.

    • Yes we do work in an office, our humble 2-person office :-)

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