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Cygnett ChargeUp Revive 10,000mAh Power Bank $15 (Was $35) + $7.95 Shipping (Free Click & Collect) @ Harvey Norman


I don't know my powerbanks too well, but this seems like an ok deal if you're looking for a little bit of charge.

Featuring USB-A and USB-C connectors, the ChargeUp Revive 10KmAh Power Bank allows for recharging 2 devices at the same time. Use its integrated USB-C port for charging the power bank after it runs out. 2 year warranty.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    This is shameless.

    (It's ten kilomiliampere hours. Hey people, I'm 1.75 milikilometres tall!)

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      Excellent addition to the thread thank you


        I didn't mean to steal the thunder here.


          back to your pizza please

          kidding :)

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      To be fair, I agree with you. No respectable tech retailer should be referring to it as 10KmAh. Then again, this is Harvey Norman.

      As for the deal, seems reasonable for the price, but it's hard to tell as there are no hard specs and this model strangely isn't listed on Cygnett's website

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        Then again, this is Hardly Normal


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    Pie pizza guy has a point.
    "10,000mAh" is dumb, and "kilo-milli" is worse. Worse still, it is implies we are stupid enough to be impressed by it.

    Can you see why people might feel insulted?

    So why copy & paste? Just say 10Ahr, or better, 36Whr. Quality batteries list their capacity in Whr. (=3.6 kilojoules)

    I take this is a very old model with no USB-PD or QC? - even though it has a C outlet. No details are given.

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      I'm someone who owns powerbanks because I get them as freebies or friends and family buy them for me so I'm not really familiar with specifications in terms of what's considered top-notch.

      I copied and pasted from the product description because before you came along, I hadn't even heard of Ahr or Whr and since nothing else was listed in the product description or details, I assumed I had all the important info.

      I also had always thought that mAh was the standard listing/reference, though it's definitely my fault for not understanding what mAh means and it's relevance to the power bank.

      Thank you for your feedback.

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        Thank you for posting the deal.

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        Don't sweat it hullohullo. If there's a failing, it's definitely on Harvey Norman for referring to the capacity as 10KmAh.

        I actually think $15 is a decent price, but I've already got too many power banks to know what to do with them! 😅

        In any case, don't be discouraged from sharing, it's what makes OzBargain great! 👍🏻


          Thank you for replying back to me, GreenGuava! Your kindness is very much appreciated - I'm sure as I plonk along with using OzBargain, I'll get better at posting deals that are better received. Funnily enough, I actually went looking for cheap power banks since I keep losing mine and figured $15 was an acceptable price but I think I now need to read a guide to power banks first!

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        No worries.
        I only bothered to comment because a few people had negged pizzaguy for making a reasonable point.

        Thanks for posting.

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          I must have come late to the thread because I didn't see any negs but thank you for replying! I must admit I had no clue what pizzaguy was talking about in his original comment and thought it was meant to be a funny JV-like comment that pop up in threads sometimes :') Got a lot to learn!