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Tontine T2891 Allergy Sensitive Pillow Duo Pack Medium $12.99 (RRP $30) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Allergy Sensitive Pillow Duo Pack for $12.99 Cheapest price is $11 (November 2020) Previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/607548 (approved by mod to post this as it's a lower price)

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  • "A general tontine", will

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    I thought Tontine is decent brand but recent reviews on Amazon for this particular pillow don't seem great !!

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      I don't consider Tontine pillows that great - never been totally happy with them and consider them for what they are - cheap pillows. They are pretty much regularly half price every few months.

      I might be the minority though, as I recognise how popular they are on OzB

      • What's better?

        • I got King sized viewstar pillows on Amazon for $57.99 for two pillows. The size commonly seen in hotels. Unfortunately out of stock currently.

          I think it's a great investment to make, to get a great pillow and something I would not skimp on ever again. I have a linen closet with so many discounted Tontine pillows. I just use them for my dog's pet bed

        • Apparently dunlopillow are a great pillow standard. Specifically the latex ones. I’ve been waiting for the price to drop more so I can snag a couple.

          • @Edamamme: I read on product review that dunlopillow has gone down hill. Idk if that's credible or not.

            • @denhai: Exactly why I’m waiting on a good sale, they are expensive if you’re used to buying such cheap pillows like me! I think they’d still be an upgrade over to fine for me personally, the latex ones.

          • @Edamamme: i got a couple of the dunlopillow, definitely better than tontine. Thats what i currently sleep with. The cooling gel pillow was pretty cool too.

            • @lonewolf: Awesome thanks! Great to know, I’ve been eyeing off the medium firm latex this pillows. Every time I buy a medium firm pillow it’s always never firm enough, or too firm. I’m thinking Dunlopillow should get it better than the cheaper brands.

              • @Edamamme: I believe the medium firm latex is one of the ones i got and i found it to be what i expected as a medium firm but i guess its hard to say really. Its definitely much more firm than the tontines.

                • @lonewolf: You’ve given me hope for a proper medium firm pillow now haha!! I’m sure I’ll swoop some up throughout eofys sale at some stage, can’t wait to give them a go!

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        I agree, I thought they were meant to be a decent brand, but the few different types i bought were alright but tiny and too lean, You need 2 together really. Plus they are always on half price sales, woolworths have them at the moment on half price too so i presume amazon price matched.

        • Get a hotel sized one - king size like in hotel as per my comment above. It really makes such a huge difference to your sleep quality.

          I totally agree with Tontine being thin, and having to put two together. I had to constantly redistribute the filling every night.

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            @cute as ducks: Thanks will have to try them out, I do like the pillows in some hotels.

  • Just reading the comments on these, can anyone recommend memory foam ones?

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    Down to $9.80 Delivered for prime day.

    • nice find

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