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[Out of Date] 15 Bottle Beer Mixed Pack $15/$22.50 ($1/$1.50 Per Bottle) + Delivery @ Liquorkart


This is a great bargain deal and delivery Australia Wide.

Note : No matter the beer is expired, it is safe to drink after its expiration. Our team has already tasted the beer and it tastes perfectly fine.

  • Ends Sunday midnight or until stock is available.
  • No further discount is applicable.
  • Shipping Charges is Applicable.

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    may help your cause a little more

    Source Google =

    Since most beer is either pasteurized or filtered to eliminate bacteria, it's extremely resistant to spoiling. How the beer will taste is another matter.

    • Is stored properly, I doubt the taste will change much near the expiry date, up to at least 6 months past shouldn't make a difference imo.

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    $9 shipping for VIC Metro.

    Most of the beers in the $22.50 pack haven’t expired but are short dated.

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    No matter the beer is expired, it is safe to drink after its expiration. Our team has already tasted the beer and it tastes perfectly fine.

    Trust us (some random company who's best interest is to flog dated beer) even though every beer expert says that hopped beer is worse the longer is ages

  • This is got to be some new low for Ozbargain.

    I’m also selling my old toothbrushes if any one wants a deal.

    • Any used hairbrushes? asking for a friend.

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      yeah i've got some old condoms too, some used, some not. lucky dip!

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    Liquor? I hardly know her!

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    he short answer is that yes, beer expires. But saying the beer expires is a bit misleading, it doesn't actually become unsafe to drink, it just starts to taste unappealing or flat.

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    OP if you actually want to get any sales I'd recommend taking out the Yenda midstrength beer that expired November last year

  • I was the first to plus a deal! Do I get a badge @scotty??

    OP, shipping is killing this deal for me, $9 for syd metro isn't much but in the scheme of things it is, more the 50% more expensive

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    Changing it from 'Expiry Date,' to 'Best Before Date' would probably assist it shifting.
    At these prices so what if the taste is not perfect, better than a lot of the rubbish being sold and good to drink till at least Xmas.

  • Ordered some….constipation now sorted, just hope I have enough loo roll.

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    $1 dollar 15 pack sold out

    • We have some extra product available on our website pls grab it before ends..

  • You buy beer because you enjoy it. Saving money is what this site is all about, but when its about taste, you need to rein in your ozbargin tendencies. Yes you get a bargain, but what use is the saving, it if tastes like rubbish. Just look out for deals on your favourite drinks. Your tastebuds and friends will love your more for it, than having to stomach questionable drinks while listening to your bargain tales.

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    wow, these guys are amazing(ly bad). The sale went through, and then a couple of days later they a bloke called Sean calls me to tell me that the beer was actually already out of date. I told them that I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case for the $2 bottles, and they said yes it is. I told them that's not what it said on your website, and then I went there and took screenshots of what was still up showing dates ending as far as the end of this year. I told him I had to confer with a friend who I was splitting delivery with (had bought multiple cases) and he said he'd call me back the next day. Then a few days later I get a refund with no comms at all, didn't even know it was them because their trading name is different. tried to contact them, and nothing.

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      I ordered 3 cases 45 bottles. After 11 days a box shows up with only 23 bottles. Then I notice it is marked 1 of 2. So after many chats and blaming the shipping company(not my problem) today 28/6 they finally let me know that the box was damaged and they will sent a replacement. Bus cant tell me what beer they will send? Not interested in a box of VB.
      Just dreadful customer service. I said dont sent it until you can say what beer. The best beer seem to be in the missing box Coopers stout etc.

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        Truly terrible customer service, a bait and switch, and then telling you they will do one thing and they do another. Probably should put a complaint in to Fari Trading

      • Well after a excruciating week of phone calls and they refunded me for the bottles that were damaged in transit as I refused the substitute beers that were inferior to the ones ordered. And they refunded and extra $10 as a good will gesture.
        I said that I would update my post to reflect the outcome,

        But this was the email I received? They just dont get it?

        "Support Liquorkart

        9:06 AM (10 hours ago)

        to me
        Hi Greg,

        As discussed we have processed a refund of $35 I request you to kindly delete/edit the review on ozbargain

        Sean "

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