What Dishwasher Should I Buy?

Hi OB's,

I will soon be in the market for a new dishwasher, I had a twin drawer Fisher Paykel, but have never been wrapt with the performance.
Love the format, but the results are not great.

Anyone got any great advice or deals about?



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    Bosch, even better if you can find a German made model within your budget.

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      This is the ozbargain way

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        This is the ozbargain way

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      Like Heidi Klum?

      • within your budget.

  • I went with a Euromaid some 7 years ago now and it's never missed a beat.
    best $399 i ever spent.
    Better than my previous Asko

    But yes, Bosch are better than F&P

  • You haven't included budget however can vouch for BOSCH - SERIE | 6 SMU66MS02A - 60CM BUILT-UNDER DISHWASHER $1099 @ Bing Lee

  • I recently got a bosch series 8. Super quite and washes and dries very well.

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    If cost is not a problem, you simply can't beat a 6 foot athletic blonde:)

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    What is your budget? We replaced our 2 drawer FP with a Electrolux comfort lift. Might be some EOFY sales going this month. Super quiet compared to our old FP. Trick with this dishwasher is that the bottom drawer comes up once you pull it out. Not cheap though.


    • Have this same model and quite impressed with it. Definitely love the comfort lift feature, make it easy for my wife to use as well.

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    I had a twin drawer Fisher Paykel, but have never been wrapt with the performance.

    No one is….

    Anyone got any great advice or deals about?

    Bosch or asko.

    • I don't have any problems with mine, and I abuse it heavily. …..

      Wouldn't go back to anything else.

  • F&P is all bark and no bite. Think they used to be good, they got taken over by Haier in 2012 and guaranteed just rebadged Chinese parts.

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    I have a Westinghouse bought 2018. I assume it's a cheap model as the vendor of the place I bought put it in prior to purchase.

    It's noisy and doesn't clean the dishes properly.

    Stay away,

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      I’ve got an almost bottom of the range Miele, and it cleans better than the bottom of the range Bosch we had previously. If you can keep an eye out, occasionally you get a cash back deal.

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    Also look at StanCaah store in Melb for superceded model discounts or store display versions

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