Is ANZ card's reward program fee possible to be waived?

I have a home loan with them and the terms mentions reward program fee ($55 for qantas card) may still apply

not sure anyone knows this fee can be waived?

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  • Have you asked ANZ?

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      I've seen this response: It's past 5pm and it's closed, want to know before Monday 9:30am ;) Maybe should have called during business hours. (facepalm).

    • yeah the customer service staff said no but I am not sure how about others' experience

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        What did your loan manager say? maybe hit them up on it. With CBA the rewards program is part of the loan fee package, not separate.

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          ANZ promised a free card with the loan but slugged me with the 55/-. I complained quite vigorously a couple of times via message and they refunded it.

  • Every Fee can be waived off, as long as you are valuable customer and threaten to take your business somewhere else.
    Now ask yourself the question, Do you spend enough on the card that will give ANZ higher multiples in revenues from merchants than the $ 55 fees waiver. Assume 1% of your spend is ANZ Fees.
    If the answer is yes, you are valuable to them, If the answer is no, then that $ 55 is the annual revenue intended from that card.

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    I had my NAB rewards card fee waived for three or four years just by calling up until this year when they didn't bother with any incentives. Naturally, I no longer bank with them. The main point is just to ask and if they refuse, decide whether the fee is worth it.

    Note: as of 2019, you should not ask to close your credit card as a way to get fees waived. Banks must now close your card with no pushback if you ask them to. You should instead mention that you have been considering other options and want to know what incentives they can provide.

  • gimme your details
    bank account, number, date of birth, password, mother maiden name, address, tax file number, measurements, age, race

    and I'll get it back for u


    • is race really necessary?

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        Race to get the details before OP realizes djones145 is not a store rep for ANZ.

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        damn I knew I went one to far. would have gotten away with it if I didn't bring up the race card

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    Become an ANZ employee.

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    I had my credit card fee refunded 3 months after signing up and made sure I got my bonus points. I filled a breakfree card link form and gave it to a nice employee at my local ANZ branch.