[Price Error] Boose Portable Blender $0 Delivered @ Booseblend

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Completely free and no shipping cost with the code.

Just pick a colour!


Credit to Leng (high school friend, don’t think she is a member here)

*** In response to say they were hacked which is total BS.

PROOF Boose management are lying POS when saying they have been hacked when the answer is more likely to be incompetence. I have uploaded photos to my account and links here



If there was ever a time to give the company a one star review in every social media platform Boose have, this would be the time because of the way they handled the whole matter (unprofessionally).

To say we hacked you without any proof is a pretty terrible accusation to make.

Promo code was from So Good promotion that asks to post our smoothie creations with a chance it’ll be featured on your social media. And nowhere did it say “don’t share the code”.

Fellow OzBargainers, how do I post a screenshot of the message with coupon code to put these back tracking idiots in their place? ****

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          Mine was 10209. So maybe around 1000+ orders.

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    Order cancelled such a scam

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    Unlike your order, you can bet your arse that you won't be cancelled off their mailing list.

  • Nothing is free. What did you really swap?

  • My order was been cancelled

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      Was been

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        He's right about the exploit part at least. Ozbargainers have always tried to exploit freebies.

        Free samples are always particularly bad. We've had countless reps come in and say how multiple people have tried to get multiple samples. So many even admit to doing it.

        • No I was just just ordering 5 blenders for me and my 4 brothers ! Gibs me !!!

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          Because there is a 99% chance you're the owner or affiliated lmao.

          Member Since 1 hour 39 min ago
          Only comments are on this deal

          Your website says

          Being a recent graduate with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Sydney

          and your location on OzBargain is set as


          Cut the act, we're not stupid

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            @DisabledUser193539: NSW -> so I must be a USYD grad lmao.

            I'll be clear, I'm not affiliated with Boose. Are you going to accuse everyone with a negative comment on this thread?

            Just like OP, I'm a longtime lurker. Thought I would join in on the conversation because I think it's dumb that people just expect that they can get things for free with no impact on anyone else/themselves.

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              @Chiyomaru: I couldn't care less about the situation, I didn't place an order. I just find it hilarious that you popped up at this exact time with data that coincidentally aligns with the business.

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                @DisabledUser193539: The data: my location tag is NSW. Lol.

                Mate, I think the details should be deleted too. I'm just pointing out that surely, people are being hypocritical.

                I just hope that you can also see that it's funny when a bunch of people feel salty about not getting something for free.

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    Cancellation email let the spam begin.

  • Order cancelled!

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    People actually believing they had a chance of getting the item lmao

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    Thanks got 15 and received them today

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    6111 clicks 😜

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      195 upvotes for nothing!

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        6 hours 22 mins later and still no cancellation email. So its not nothing…

        • it's not nothing
          Well what have you got from this Deal - apart from waiting & hoping…🤔

          Zippy below upvoted in same minute as you (11 min after Deal posted), but has received cancellation notice…

          Strangely, 4 more upvotes added in last 2 hours. That makes no sense.

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    Why revoke my negative vote ?

    This was an email fishing “deal”

    • Your comment attached to the vote was as follows:

      No Deal

      The voting guidelines state the following:

      Negative Vote

      Inappropriate uses of negative vote
      Any negative vote that falls into any of these reasons will be revoked by a moderator. Negative votes for any other reason will not be removed by a moderator. These are verbatim phrases.

      “No deal/Not a deal”

      Thus your vote was revoked. Next time please explain in the comment why you are voting negative.

      In any case, as this is an unobtainable deal, it has been moved to the forums and thus there are no votes at all.


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        Thank you oh wise one

  • Got cancellation email now. There was no option to unsubscribe at the bottom of their cancellation email…

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    Haha, the copypastas and the flood of salt are totally worth the ride.

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    Was wondering why this thread was trending and i can't believe the rep of the store is just spamming ozbargain! So smart! Obviously, this is the kind of deal that will see a lot of greedy people order more than one! So people shouldn t be upset to have it cancel!

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      Mate, this isn't about greedy people. A major scam is going on here.
      Firstly, some random person came and posted this freebie, when more than 5000+ people ordered stuff from that random website by putting all of their personal details, that website registered here and now simply saying " System hacked. As a result you guys gobbled up all of our stock in 20 minutes… Impressive!"

      This is not a professional statement and all of this scenario seems a gameplay.

      If they think this plan of theirs will promote them, they are completely wrong, they might have boosted their website ranking via clicks, but they lost trust of people and their image.

      I am worried about my personal information i registered with them. I seriously hope they can purge all my details like address, phone, name, etc.

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        More than 5000 ppl wanted free stuff and are hurt because they aren't getting any. Try to be understanding for a small business that was a victim of hacking instead of putting out conspiracy theories.

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          You put too much faith in them I swear.

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        @freeza: You can't expect a small company to give out that much free stuff with free postage ?!! Right?!! From the beginning, it was obvious that the deal was too good to be true! A place from nowhere offering something that cost $10 with a shipping price in the same range! Honnestly, i would expect them to offer them to customer in their database who already ordered something than some random people finding the code and use it! People just get what they ask for! You jump on a deal from a company that is trying to make a name. Not a multinational company with millions but a small one that is still trying to build themself! If you want it so much you should have ordered one on ebay or ali express. Just move on. The worst that can happen is getting a lot of scam call or unsollicited marketing via mail or phone. This is the kind of reminder people need . Don't just enter all your personnal details because the bait looks too good!

        And, obviously, if they go bankrupt , they can always sell the data they collect…

        • " give out that much free stuff with free postage"

          Like BooseBlend, you may have missed the sixth line of the original post - "Win 1 of 100 @BooseBlend Pro blenders for the next three weeks.

          Unlike BooseBlend, you have a fair excuse, as you may be responding to comments rather than the original post they claim was a "hack" of the site they wish people to tender their personal details to. Given their apparent inability to notice that, coupled with their belief that constantly reposting the same boilerplate slanderous response will do anything for their reputation in a well-connected populous consumer driven site , bankruptcy looks like it would be a reward…

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        Hi Freeza,

        To put your mind at ease it’s not a scam. I might be a random to you because we have never spoken before. But everyone on this site and on this particular post want the same thing. A bargain.

        Free is free and I don’t regret posting the deal here even if I miss out. It’s a community. We share. I wasn’t in the market for a blender so I can live with ruining my own chances of scoring a freebie.

        I don’t expect to be spammed and if they start spamming me, I’ll just add them to the block list.

    • Hi Fier2,

      I posted this and I’m not affiliated. My friend (Leng got one and sent link to me).

      Thought it would be good for some ppl to get. But obviously this blew up and everyone got in on it quickly.

      Not gonna change anyone’s mind no matter how many times I say it.

      It was a real deal. I have one photo to show what is looks like in real life. And a screenshot of the msg from the blender ppl with code to use. Send me a PM, happy to share.

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        I really feel sorry for you because it was your first post and you thought it was a real bargain. Unfortunately, you might have understimate the company abilities to handle it . You don't need to justify yourself because i don't think someone who is affiliated with them will do that kind of mistake . My thought is more someone who wasn t happy with that company before hand leaked their promotion… but anyway, this is not the first small business that try to gather people sign up their details like this. You can see it at any expo, any showroom or even fundraising… there s always a small bait for people and this is how you get unsollicited calls from overseas….

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          Hi Fier2,

          Definitely not a case of a disgruntled employee, ex staff etc. They ran a promotion and as far as I can see it looks like they made two major blunders

          1. Didn’t void code after competition
          2. Codes was available to use with other products

          so yea, not happy Boose is saying they got hacked and that I was involved with that.

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    (profanity) scammy little (profanity).

  • Hey my twitter was hacked, cough bullshit cough. Nice try FOAD,

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    A few lessons for us all, agree with the karma of greed and gobbling up anything because it's free and lets be honest we knew this was some kind of an error. However the second part of not being naive, this was very clearly a scam. We should perhaps use this experience to somehow create a vetting process maybe? Would that be possible. I think as mentioned earlier, coupon codes shouldn't be shown until you sign in. People who don't participate in the community might not be aware of the issues, they are easy targets for scams like these.

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      Sounds right. However, OZB is a place that has no preference to registered users coz only unregistered users/guests may contribute to the revenue.

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      “ this discount code was generated as a result of our discount app being hacked” riiiiight 😂

  • easy bs. boo to boose

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    mods should remove the rep's comments of accusing op's friends for hacking or creating the code in their system.


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      A written apology on a blender would be nice too. In all the colours!

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        Don't forget the accessories

      • Having seen the care they take with their posts, would you really want a sharp set of blades whizzing at high RPM from them…

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    Based on the screenshot it looks like Boose was collaborating with "So Good" brand and giving only 100 away. The code was able to be used by anyone which was a fault on Boose end. I think it was unfair to be accusing OP's friend a hacker when they just shared the code. Yes, it may not be morally wrong to share the code but it is unrealistic if it was a promo to win 1 of 100 to expect everyone who used the code to get it free.
    I am not sure about the spam. Boose if claiming there was a security breach then I think the comments are fair questioning the company for their data security is valid too. Boose appear to have deleted the competition off facebook.

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    Maybe you should have posted those images in the original deal.
    Competition closed 21/3 and you shared your supposedly "unique code"
    I guess the "hack" in this case was discovering the unique code was able to be used multiple times in a manner that was unintended…

    Wonder how many of those trying to use the code followed the Competition T&C

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    Time to add these guys to the avoid list. Not because of the cancelled orders but how they have handled the situation. Accusing people of hacking a discount code that they advertised then spamming peoples emails. Pfft

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    I keep getting emails from them despite saying no multiple times and having never said yes. Also apologizes to Littlevu and Leng, you were just trying to share a deal. It was Boose that was at fault and throwing out accusations.

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      Apology accepted fellow bargain bro :)

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    blendergate 2021….a hilarious read.

  • …am i too late for the free blender? anyone got a code for me? why cant i upvote the deal?? :P

    • lol

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    Man these blenders are garbage: They're $8-10 on Alibaba before wholesale/add logo pricing. $69.95 on sale is still a huge markup, and they're probably drop-shipped anyway.

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    I had $0 item in my cart and purchased. Got charged 60 through PayPal. Raised it straight away. A week and a half later I have received no response and no refund. They have taken the money and refused to contact me. I have a PayPal dispute open for this but I'm pretty pissed off at the service.

    • Why you gave them your Paypal? $0 no payment is needed.

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        Google pay automatically went through it. Often does even for $0

    • Sorry to hear Andy. I hope PayPal refunds you. And hope anyone looking to buy from Boose sees this page from Google search and buys a blender elsewhere.

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    Sorry to revive the thread but I have a msg to the asshat who accused me of hacking.


    Got the last laugh. Free.

    • Now I'd throw it in the bin, just cause you can.

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