Anyone's experience with iStore Air to Energy?

Hi people,

I'm in the process of building a new house in WA. 5x2 with granny flat. I'm tryna be energy and cost efficient as much as possible. I have seeb good reviews and ratings about iStore Air to Energy hot water system and wanted to know what your experiences with it was as it seems uncommon. Does it actually save energy? Lower running costs? What was your installation cost? etc.

Any help and advice or recommendations is appreciated.


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    iStore Air to Energy hot water system

    Its a heat pump hot water service. Lots of them around from many different brands. Reclaim and Sanden units are the top of the range.

    Being that you're in WA, you'll get great heat transfer out of them for sure. They can struggle a little bit more in really cold weather (sub 0c), but that doesn't apply for you.

    Honestly sure sure if the iStore units are good or not, but heat pump hot water units work well.

    • Can vouch for Sanden. Very efficient, very quiet. Japanese made heat pump unit, Australian made tank. Would easily be offset with small solar system. I think mine uses about 1-2kwh over an hour period which is programmable.

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    I bought a 270L iStore when my old electric boosted solar HWS died in Dec 2020.

    So far we are very happy with it and it's resulted in a pretty solid reduction in energy costs vs this time last year.
    I'm keen to see how it goes in the colder temps over winter but it has been very efficient during summer.

    From memory ours cost approx $3500 installed - we are in WA also.

    My only "complaint" about it would be that it's a little noisy when the compressor starts up, so try to avoid locating it near a bedroom.

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    I am in Qld.

    My Bosch Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System was leaking but still useable. Now the Bosch Continuous Gas Hot Water System has been decommissioned and the main town gas supply will be disconnected soon.

    So I asked for some quotes for a Heat Pump.

    Speedy Hot Water: $ 3990 for an EvoHeat 270L

    Solargain: $ 3490 for an iStore 270L

    KMS Hot Water Services could NOT give a quote at all & asked too many questions. Phone calls went UNanswered.

    Apparently the iStore 270, EvoHeat 270, Thermal Ark 270, Leap, Oasis are all the same model – "PASHW015-270LD", (credit given to turbopsi), made in China by Guangdong PHNIX Eco-energy Solution Ltd. .

    So far, very happy with the hot water available throughout the day.

    • Thanks for that. Which one did you end up choosing?

      • I ended up with iStore 270L heat pump installed on 22 July 2021 by Solargain Brisbane.

        Extremely happy with it.

        I even had my main gas supply ABOLISHED.

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