Which 77" - 85" TV to Buy? (Budget $6500)

Hey guys,

I'm considering getting a TV for my living room.

Have shortlisted the below:
1) Sony 85" X900H (~$3700)
* Pros: good value, decent PQ
* Cons: questionable implementation of [email protected], panel is fairly thick

2) Samsung 85" QN85A (~$5225)
* Pros: bright, mini-led panel
* Cons: potential panel issue/dirty screen effect

3) LG 77" C1 (~$6520)
* Pros: best PQ
* Cons: expensive, potential burn in

Any comments on which of the above to pick?
Thanks in advance!


Poll Options

  • 18
    Sony 85" X900H
  • 4
    Samsung 85" QN85A
  • 11
    LG 77" C1


  • Hisense Q8

    • +1

      Thanks for the recommendation, I also considered the q8 but lack of HDMI 2.1 so not ideal.

  • +3

    One of your options is double the cost of the other. So what's your budget? If it covers all then obviously get the OLED. If it doesn't, then Sony.

    • The C1 is definitely near the top end of my budget, I wouldn't pay anything more e.g. for the G1 evo.

      Considering the best price for last year's model (CX) went for ~$6k and mostly sold out now, I guess $6.5k for the C1 isn't too bad if the depreciation is only ~$500 over the next 12 months. So yes, C1 is on my shortlist, best PQ however being smaller and more expensive than the other 2 options :/

  • Some nice TV there, Where can you get the 86 Inch sony X9000h for $3700 ?

    • My local gg quoted me $3900 delivered, with complimentary 5 year gold concierge services.

      I can get 5% off gg gc bringing it down to $3900 * 0.95.

      Another Ozb member managed to get his local HN to do $3950, with bonus $450 HN gc!

      • +1

        That's amazing value
        well done

        I have to agree thought , new models are around the corner, like the X90J with better HDMI 2.1 Support
        Might be worth waiting just little longer.

  • Wait for u8g

    • Looks like will only be released in 55" and 65" sizes?

      • +1

        US gets those, we will also get 75 and 85"


        • Early reviews looking good!

          I tried to add it as a voting option but couldn't update the poll :/

          • @chew_chew: Doesn't matter, as long as it's now on your radar. Hopefully out soon

  • +3

    Wait for X95J. HDMI2.1 supported and enhanced all cons X9000H has.

  • +1

    OLED all the way