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Love Fantasy, Demons, Vampires, Dragons, the Paranormal?? Then you will love these books. In total you can get 23 books!
The Breaker series has content which is eerily close to reality: first a lethal pandemic, then a war against those who made the virus. You cannot plan these coincidences any better (the books were published in 2013).
All books are highly rated and free at the time of posting!


After Midnight: 9 Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Novels Featuring Demons, Shifters, Fae, Vampires, & Other Creatures That Go Bump in the Night: https://www.amazon.com.au/After-Midnight-Paranormal-Featurin...

The Breakers Series: Books 1-3: https://www.amazon.com.au/Breakers-Books-Edward-W-Robertson-...

Strange: Not Your Normal Paranormal: https://www.amazon.com.au/Strange-Not-Your-Normal-Paranormal...

Kilenya Chronicles Books 1-3: https://www.amazon.com.au/Kilenya-Chronicles-Books-Andrea-Pe...

US Links:


After Midnight: 9 Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Novels Featuring Demons, Shifters, Fae, Vampires, & Other Creatures That Go Bump in the Night: https://www.amazon.com/After-Midnight-Paranormal-Featuring-C...

The Breakers Series: Books 1-3: https://www.amazon.com/Breakers-Books-Edward-W-Robertson-ebo...

Strange: Not Your Normal Paranormal: https://www.amazon.com/Strange-Not-Your-Normal-Paranormal-eb...

Kilenya Chronicles Books 1-3: https://www.amazon.com/Kilenya-Chronicles-Books-Andrea-Pears...


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    Thanks op

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    Thanks OP.

    There are some gems to be found in eBook freebies. Shameless plug for the Cradle series by Will Wight …

    …and The Bobiverse series by Dennis E Taylor.

    Both self published and great. 😀


      started the first of the Cradle series the other day….takes a while to get into due to the whole premise of this world and how it all works (cycling of madra etc etc) I had read some of his other works and so thought I would give this a try………seems to be good so far.

      I'll check out Bobiverse series


      The bobiverse isn't showing as free for me?

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      Careful if you click that without looking carefully you'll be paying full price. $0 kindle unlimited isn't free.


      I wanna buy them but I just can’t help but take these price hikes personally. https://imgur.com/gallery/AVIBXjq

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    Thanks OP, appreciate your posts

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      Great. It's nice to hear that.
      Have a lovely Sunday.


    I read the Dragonlands 1-3…..not bothering to go any further in the series….not worth it, and it was a bit of a struggle to finish these ones, even if they were free lol.

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    "Purchased on 7 July 2017"

    I didn't even know… I must have a couple hundred ebooks in my Amazon library thanks to Ozbargain (and Lysander)! And I haven't read a single one…


    Great stuff. I have a fair few free ebooks to get into. Just waiting for the Prime day sales for a new kindle