What EOFY Deals Are You Hanging out for?

Hi all

Getting excited for EOFY sales here / fast approaching in conjunction with Prime Day

Some big ticket things we are wanting to get this year

  • New 65" 4K TV - most likely will wait until Black Friday deals towards the end of the year or March though as for now ours is still fine.

  • Baby Seat (Hoping Baby Bunting sale price will coincide with an Ebay Plus promo which I've seen posts on here is around 20 June for 20% off, hopefully they're one of the retailers)

  • Stick Vacuum - still undecided between Dyson/Miele/Samsung Jet 90. Whatever has the best deal I guess

  • New Sheridan/Adairs Super King All Seasons Wool quilt.

  • If there's an unbelievable deal on a good brand's air fryer that might be tempting, but I could go without. That would just be a bonus.

Plan of attack is wait for Prime Day to start and see what we can get on there, hopefully a great deal. If not then hopefully the retailers on eBay can have a great deal through eBay Plus deal (I'll sign up for the $5/month membership if so) with a 20% coupon. Of course at the same time comparing prices at Costco and The Good Guys Commercial where applicable, as well as still leaving about a week at the end of June for traditional sales which should still have a good deal if the Prime Day / Ebay Plus days don't work out.

What are everyone else's EOFY plans bargain wise?


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    Honestly nothing. I haven't found EOFY deals to be anything special past couple years that's worth fussing about. YMMV.

    Prime day sales last year was a huge disappointment, especially compared to the UK ones.

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      Prime day sales last year was a huge disappointment, especially compared to the UK ones.

      No incentive in this country. 25m of captive consumers.

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    Even boxing day sales have been a bargain flop for the last decade IMHO.

  • Just a stick vacuum this year, not much worth buying with the shortages

  • what shortages?

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      There's major computer chip shortages for everything, so prices are higher than they likely will be in ~6 months when its resolved. Most discounts I've seen recently for tech stuff has just been the price it used to be.

      No point buying a new PC or a new TV or anything tech unless you need it or it's an exceptionally good deal

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    Sales no longer provide the discounts adequate to get a rise on OzB. It's just isolated incidents. Sometimes it correlates with Black Friday, EOFY, Boxing Day … but 99% of the time the big deals are fairly standalone.

  • Have been waiting for new releases that may be on sale but to no avail :(

    Updated MX Vertical mouse
    Updated MX Keys (or significant discount)
    Xiaomi 34 monitor version 2 with USB C

    Don't really need anything else at the moment…

  • 65" (or larger) TV
    Entertainment unit
    Golf clubs

  • stick vacummn, the xaomi are decent, better than dyson imo.

  • Zenbook duo UX482 or UX582

  • Waiting for a killer deal on a Robovac… thinking the Ecovacs Deebot T8 Ai VI but open to other models at a sub 1k price point.

    • Does it come with googly eyes or do I need to supply my own?

      • an optional extra I'm afraid…

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  • im not waiting for price, im waiting for stock lol

  • Sometimes Adidas Ultraboosts go on sale around this time, for like $110 or something. Good price for a good shoe.

  • Nothing

  • Need a new mid-range mobile.

  • When does EOFY sale start?